April 26, 2021

Gold bracelets are meant to be worn with style and pride. Purchasing the wrong size due to an inaccurate wrist measurement can take the focus away from fashion and leave you with an uncomfortable fit. To help you find the right size, we'll share our measuring tips for gold bracelets.

Where To Measure

First, lay your arm down on a flat surface and flip your hand so your palm faces the ceiling. You'll measure just below your wrist bone and wrap a flexible measuring tape around your entire wrist until the tape is looped. Don't have a flexible tape measure? A standard strip of paper will also suffice. Simply follow the same process and compare your strip of paper with a regular ruler to determine your measurements. Once you have your initial wrist measurement, you can determine how you'd like your gold bracelet to fit.

Finding Your Fit

Determining how you'd like your bracelet to fit will give you a more comfortable wrist measurement. For example, if you prefer your gold bracelet to be snug and tight on your wrist, then you'll add less than a quarter of an inch to your wrist measurement to have a tighter fit. The more you add to your size, the looser your bracelet will lay. Review our guide below to determine which measurements best fit your style.

Snug Fit

Add ¼ inch to the measurement.

Medium Fit

Ad ½ inch to the measurement

Loose Fit

Add 1 inch to the measurement.

Factors to Consider

Several different factors can affect the comfort and fit of your bracelet. Wrist size shifts slightly during different times of the day and varying temperatures. It is best to measure your wrist several times during different hours of the day to find the most accurate measurement.

Another measuring tip for gold bracelets is to consider the type of gold bracelet you are going to wear. Gold tennis bracelets should be measured with a tighter measurement because they are more lightweight. Gold Cuban chain bracelets are better suited for a medium to loose fit to show off the intricate design and bracketed style. Consider how much flexibility and comfort to include in your bracelet measurement, especially if you work with your hands.

Finding the right fit for your golden bracelet means factoring in your style and comfort. Whether you favor your gold jewelry tight, medium, or loose-fitting, Gold Presidents has a wide variety and selection of gold bracelets to fit your preference. Browse through our different bracelet types and styles to find the best bracelet to live on your wrist.

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