November 24, 2019

 A tennis chain is a necessary accessory that everyone should have. The tennis chain, aka eternity bracelet was created during the 20th century. Back in 1987 during the US Open,Chris Evert's bracelet had came undone,getting its name “Tennis Bracelet." 

The Tennis chain is a very popular, classy piece of jewelry. The tennis bracelet can make a great gift for any occasion that you are celebrating. There are many ways to wear the tennis chain. You have the layered up look, which is tennis chains layered with however many you decide to wear. The great part about tennis chains is that they look good with whatever you wear.

1. The Tennis Chains Bundle

Double the pleasure, double the fun with the insanely icy Round Cut Tennis Chain Bundle in White Gold. Not one, but TWO of our best selling tennis chains. One big boy 5mm tennis chain, another smaller 3mm tennis chain dripping in diamonds from end to end, in lengths selected to cascade perfectly into an opulent layered look. This bundled set doesn't just make a statement, it makes the statement, as it dazzles and impresses from every single angle!

2. The Diamond Cross Tennis Chain bundle

Bring the blessings and the bling, with the oh so icy Iced Diamond Cross Bundle in white gold. This 3-in-1 package offers insane value, pairing our timeless Iced Diamond Cross Pendant with TWO Round Cut Diamond Tennis Necklaces in lengths carefully selected to compliment in the perfect layered look. Claim the light and catch the light from every angle in Heaven or Earth!


We have an enormous variety of Tennis Chains and bracelets, if you need any help with completing your look, contact our stylist who will be elated in helping you select your set.

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