December 15, 2019

GQ's latest sit down was with Toronto rapper Rapper Tory Lanez, he starts off by saying, "I'm sure a lot of rappers came up here saying there rings cost 20k but let's just stop, most of these rings only range up to 10k." Tory's first piece of jewelry was a Jesus piece that "had the gun fingers out." Tory takes us through his rings, most of his rings cam from Ace the jeweler in the Bronx, he refers to one of his rings in his songs, which set him back about 9k. Tory shows us a 40 pointer Cuban link which was his first big purchase priced at 175k. A piece that's very important to Tory is his "Uzi Bird" piece, this piece cost 45k. Watch Tory Lanez show off the rest of his jewelry. 


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