March 01, 2023

The new year means new adventures, and new adventures mean new places to go. You must have read a dozen hacks on how to fold your clothes to fit your luggage. Here, we will teach you how to pack your jewelry and the best way to prevent damage.

Tip #1: Where you are going is a factor

You want the jewelry you wear to pair well with the vibe of where you are headed. Just like how you wear trench coats to colder countries and thin clothing when you go to tropical countries, the same goes for jewelry. If you plan to go to the beach, then bringing your diamond studded jewelry can be too much. Also, you don’t want your jewelry to be damaged by the salty waters, so you would probably just not wear them while you swim anyway, so you must make sure to bring as minimal jewelry as possible.

Another tip when researching the place to go on vacation or business is the travel advisories of the area. If it’s a high crime area, it would be safer to go lowkey with your jewelry and not attract too much attention.

Tip #2: Keep it with you.

A helpful tip so that you don’t lose jewelry is to find a set that goes with everything and keep it with you at all times. Whether it is always worn or in a small purse, keeping it close to you should be great. Keep your jewelry on carry-on luggage and never with the luggage checked in because you never want to risk it with lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.

Tip #3: Bring what you need to use. 

You have a lot to think through when you go traveling. Going to an unknown place could give you some worries, and the jewelry you packed shouldn’t be one of them. Keep your jewelry as minimalist as possible. Only bring the jewelry that you are going to use. Stop bringing back jewelry that you are probably never going to use. You might just end up losing them in the travel.

But if it is necessary to bring in your expensive jewelry then …

Tip #4: Expensive jewelry has to follow up measures

You might need a photoshoot done for work where expensive jewelry is the subject, so you have to go the extra mile and follow precautionary measures more than you do. Follow these few guidelines for traveling with expensive jewelry.

Make an inventory of jewelry. Make a list of the jewelry you are bringing so that you know and remember everything is in place until you get back home. If anything happens to them and you need to file a report, this inventory will be a great help to you.

Alert the necessary officials. If your jewelry is insured (which it should be), make a note to alert the insurance company that you are traveling with them. Make sure you know the limitations and policies of the insurance company. Before traveling, ensure you're covered for full price for common causes of loss and update appraisals. If you are transporting goods valued at $10,000 or more internationally, you must report to Customs.

Use hotel safes. Traveling with jewelry means being on the go, but you also have to ensure its safety when you stay in places to sleep, like hotels. You should never leave your jewelry out and about, even if it is outside of your hotel room. Usually, hotels have a safe included in the dresser that you can use to store jewelry. If not, you can always ask the staff for one.

Tip #5: Consider getting a dupe.

Don’t go wandering about with things you can’t bear to lose. People don’t prepare for this when traveling, but it’s always best to prevent any misfortune from happening. When you wander and do activities, people get scared of wearing their wedding bands and engagement rings, as they can wear or tear.

Other people are already buying dupes for their favorite jewelry. Like their diamond jewelry, they can get a mark of white crystal gemstones that are stronger and much fitter for everyday wear and tear but still eye candy. Check out jewelry from Gold Presidents so that you can have the perfect OOTD on your vacation.

Tip #6: DIY your jewelry storage

For spontaneous travels, you can’t possibly prepare with the best tools, and you are left to be resourceful with the things you find at home. We have listed a few tips and tricks to keep your jewelry as secure as ever.

For necklaces: With straws, you can loop inside the straw on one side of the necklace. Lock them so the chain does not tangle. You can also use a toilet paper tube for chunkier chains and beaded necklaces.

For earrings: For stud earrings, you can treat them like pins. Grab an index card, poke holes using the earring, and lock them at the back to hold them in place. Another way would be to use big buttons. Buttons already have holes that you can use to pin your earrings in place.

For rings and Bracelets: You can keep them individually inside small zip lock bags, as jewelry is often stored. Then, you can just put them in a giant bag to keep them in one place.

Another hack is using an old pill box that you have, which can be made into a jewelry box with dividers for each piece of jewelry. But remember, it’s always best to invest in a travel jewelry case to keep your jewelry stored properly.

Tip #7: Just leave it. 

Last but not least, this is the easiest trick we can advise you to do. If your jewelry means that much to you and you don’t want to put your life on the line during your travel to protect that jewelry, then it might be best to leave them at home. 

But you don’t just leave them there, okay? Take preventive measures for thieves who might think it’s an opportunity to break into your property since you aren’t there. Here’s how you should store the jewelry you’re leaving behind. 

Rent a safety deposit box to store valuables in, or look for possible places in your house where thieves won’t ever go looking if they do try to look for your jewelry. The first thing to look for is the jewelry box, so you might want to leave your less valuable jewelry there when you travel. Lastly, make sure everything is insured before you leave.

Well, you are all set and good to go! Have a fun trip!

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