November 30, 2023

It seems Tyga is head over heels in love, as reports suggest he has splurged $80,000 on a custom-diamond chain for his new girlfriend, Avril Lavigne.

The chain features multiple pendants, including two with the letter "A" (representing Avril's first name) set against a pink heart. Additionally, there are skulls and crossbones adorned with pink ribbons, along with a nameplate featuring Avril's name embellished in black and white diamonds.

According to TMZ, the chain boasts an impressive 50 carats of white diamonds, black diamonds, and pink sapphires combined. An insider revealed that Tyga reached out to the jeweller three weeks ago, just before the couple made their public debut at Paris Fashion Week, to commission the dazzling accessory for a hefty $80,000.

Avril Lavigne was later seen wearing the exquisite chain on Thursday night (March 16) while out with the "Rack City" rapper in Los Angeles.

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