December 16, 2021

There are many types of chains available in the market today and although everything boils down to your preferred style, there are still a few things you should consider before getting one.

One of the most popular chains up in the market nowadays is the Franco chain – a type that is based on curb pattern. It is not anywhere linked to the quality or the built of the chain. The chains simply differ in design.

Franco chain is used by Italian manufacturers following the curb pattern. There are two to four curbs in the chain against each other which are intertwined in a V shape. By creating this design, what you will land with will be a Franco chain.


Let us take look at the other types of chains

Miami Cuban

The Cuban chain is a variation of the cable chain. It has oval-shaped links with decorative details in the form of rope. These links are cut into each other. The design of these chains are stylish and they are heavy.


Figaro is a complex and famous chain design that incorporates the design of 3 smaller circular links with 1 elongated oval link. Most notable of these chains are manufactured in Italy and are worn by both genders. These chains typically look cool with pendants.


Rope chain is the type that creates an effect of two chains being intertwined to each other. They are spiralled together to form the structure of many small links. These chains are tough and versatile and create a rope-like effect.


Box chain is made up of square links, all of which are connected. These chains are sturdy and look great with a pendant.


Buying guide for a Franco chain

Karat Type

While Franco chain varies in design, you need to know the karats you are going for when getting any jewellery as karats differ the purity and price of gold. While 18k gold is a good option, you can go for 14k or 10k gold if you are going for heavier jewellery and want to save some money. The alloy will make the gold enough for everyday use and will increase its sustainability.


When getting a chain, it is necessary to know the length you want to go for. While some people want long chains, people often prefer chains which are tight on their neck and are visible easily. The most popular length for a chain is 18 inches.

Wearing with pendant or charm

Many designs of chain support pendant and charm as they often look good if you wear it with one. However, if you do not want to wear a pendant, you can do so for a Franco chain. The design of the chain is beautiful in itself and will look good on your neck.

Will the chain kink?

The biggest question of all is that if the chain is stuck in your sweater, will it kink? A chain that kinks is not the right option for you as they could break easily and may strangle in your sweater regularly.


Can you sleep with a chain?

Many people get the chain because they want to wear it all the time. For such uses, you need to geta a sturdy chain that can be in your neck all the time. It shouldn’t cause any skin infection and also should not irritate in any way.


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