December 16, 2021

A cross necklace is any necklace that features Christian cross or crucifix. These necklaces are worn to show faith towards Christianity. These are given as gifts for rites or baptism.


History of Giving Cross Jewelry

Crosses have had a long history of relevancy in Christianity, though they were never worn openly. Before Christianity rose to become one of the most followed religions, it was practiced in secret. With the growth of religion, many people became more accepting of it. With this rise, the popularity of wearing a cross began to rise. It was a symbol of power.

People, in the beginning, wore these necklaces to prove that they were a core believer of Christianity. Also, jewelry helped people to transcend their faith. Many people were given these crosses during their conversion to Christianity.


Increasing Relevancy in History

When the daughter of King Fedrick the 7th of Denmark was about to be married to Prince Wales, the king gifted her a form of an ancient cross. It was considered fashionable and immediately came in trend. The sales and production of cross jewelry skyrocketed after this incident. When photography became an icon for style. Women were supposed to show their styles in the most modest way possible. Thus, they would wear high cleavage tops with these crosses as a mark of respect to show their devotion.


Difference Between a Cross and a Crucifix

If not looked closely, these two are almost identical as they both incorporate the Christian cross into their design. However, there is a difference between them. The crucifix presents the sacrifice of Jesus. For many, it is a highly regarded symbol and will not be easily found in jewelry.


Are There Particular Events to Give Cross Jewelry On?

Cross jewelry is a symbol of faith, love, and hope. It is a popular gift considering the Christian rites. Many people give them as a gift after Baptism. You will not find them easily in the wedding ceremony as they are not very religious. However, apart from this, every religious activity will have some signs of a cross.

They could be a great gift for Christmas, Easter, graduation, communion, and Baptism. There are websites where you can find a great collection of cross necklaces. Go through Gold Presidents to find the right match for you.


Choosing the Right Cross Jewelry

With a surprising amount of options, choosing the perfect jewelry for your loved one becomes an enjoyable process. You may be giving them their favorite gem and what would be better than gifting a beautiful cross?

  1. Stainless Steel Cross

It is a monochromatic cross which will easily go with all your dresses. These are highly affordable and can stand more wear and tear in comparison to other jewelry. To add a bit more luxurious flavor, you can augment the sterling silver touch and make this jewelry a great option as a gift.

  1. Birthstone Cross

There are religious roots with birthstone. Perfect for birthday gifts, these connect both the symbols together making an incredible gift. While wearing as necklaces, you may prefer a diamond-studded necklace as well.

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