December 23, 2023

Wiz Khalifa shared insights into his choice to abstain from adorning himself with extravagant jewelry, citing personal maturation and the escalating dangers that come with flaunting such accessories. During an appearance on DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoo’s House podcast, the Pittsburgh native expressed how his priorities have shifted, emphasizing the diminishing significance of flashy jewelry in his life.

The 35-year-old rapper explained, “You grow out of that sht, and you place value in other things at certain points.” Khalifa stressed that one doesn’t need the most extravagant jewelry to validate their worth, signaling a shift in his mindset. He went on to discuss the rising trend of violent incidents targeting rappers for their jewelry, referencing the tragic deaths of artists like PnB Rock and Pop Smoke. Khalifa voiced concern about the inviting energy such accessories might attract, stating, “And with all of these murders and sht going on, it’s inviting f**king energy that you don’t really need. And people look at you like they get excited when they see that type of sh*t.”

Acknowledging his past affinity for ostentatious jewelry, Khalifa emphasized the need for a change, prioritizing safety for himself and those around him. He explained, “Me, I’m the type of person that thinks about my safety first. So if I could walk into a room and not excite those people who are gonna feel like that when they see those things, I’ll do you the favor because I don’t want anything to happen to you, I don’t want anything to me, so I’ma just calm down the situation for all of us. I’m gonna give us something not to look at.”

This isn’t the first time Khalifa has downplayed the importance of jewelry. Following the untimely death of rap star Takeoff, he took to Twitter to express his views. “All that jewelry goin outta style,” he wrote. “Ni**as feel lame wit out it anyway. Says a lot.” Khalifa had previously cautioned his followers about the risks associated with wearing excessive jewelry, highlighting the potential loss of significant sums in a single theft incident.

In essence, Wiz Khalifa’s evolving perspective on jewelry not only reflects personal growth but also a heightened awareness of the safety risks prevalent in the industry, signaling a shift toward more modest and safety-conscious choices.

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