March 01, 2023

Are you the type of person who is every bit of sunshine that it even shows in the way you dress? You love the pops of color in your outfits. You are very creative. Make sure you look fun in every fit. You love your jewelry to complement that style as well. If you are that person, you might already know about enamel jewelry. 

But if you are new to this, you go to the right place. We are here to talk about just that and everything that you must know about enamel jewelry

What is Enamel Jewelry?

Enamel, known by other names such as porcelain enamel, painted glass, and vitreous enamel, has been used to create jewelry for centuries. It is a sleek material made by fusing powdered glass with metal. It is famous for pendants and other accessories because of its durability and wide range of colors. 

With the right enamellers with good skills, you can get well-crafted enamel jewelry that can be very valuable. Over the years, enamel jewelry is considered a work of art. 

The History of Enamel Jewelry

How did enamel jewelry come about? It goes back to the ancient Persian empire, where the Persians developed a technique prominent in Indian jewelry called Meenakari. This technique allowed them to craft our vibrant and colorful enamel jewelry. They have also found traces of enamel jewelry in ancient civilizations in China, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. It underwent a surge in popularity in the 19th Century when French designers introduced new styles of enamel jewelry using the plique a jour technique. 

How is Enamel Jewelry Made?

Enamel is made by fusing colored powdered glass onto the base metal at a high temperature (1,380-1,560°F). Because the heating process can affect the transparency and the colors during the process, high temperatures can lead to the enamel having vibrant colors in a translucent state as compared to lower temperatures which will make the enamel look opaque and have lower color vibrancy.

Enamel Jewelry Techniques

Here are some ways to bring enamel details into a piece of jewelry.

  1. Plique a Jour

'Plique a Jour,' or 'Let the Daylight In' in French, allows light to enter from behind a jewelry piece and gives it a certain glow. 

Adding enamel coating powder to sections in the metal is how the plique a Jour is done. The enamel will soon mix with the metal and suspend from within the wire details. The end product should look similar to stained glass.

  1. Champlevé

It is another technique of French origins where the jeweler makes several hollows to fill with enamel and put under heat. This Champlevé’s end product gives a lot of texture and vibrant color.

  1. Cloisonné

Cloisonné enamel jewelry is the perfect choice whether you wish to bring different patterns into a new piece. Fill a wire outline with enamel, then heat it. Once that is done, the wires would outline the patterns into a beautiful piece. 

  1. Meenakari

The Meenakari technique in the enamel process is similar to Cloisonné, but more colorful. In their culture, the color will depend on the region where it is worn. Indian jewelry would still use this now; however, Meenakari of Persian origin is usually blue, whereas the Indian kind is very colorful. 

How to Properly Take Care of Enamel Jewelry

If you have the jewelry you love, it’s not about mixing and matching them with your outfits but the aftercare to ensure they stay usable for a long time. 

You can follow the same tips and tricks when you clean your other jewelry pieces. You can use warm water and gentle liquid soap, then use a soft cloth to dry and shine polish it. 

Enamel jewelry is quite durable and not easily damaged. However, If you got broken, it is best to check out the best enamellers in town so their professional skill can help you out with the issue better. Go and contact Gold Presidents now and have your jewelry customized now! 

What to Look for When Buying Enamel Jewelry

When you have decided to buy yourself some enamel jewelry you have to check if it has been heated in high temperatures, choose a reputable setter or enameller, always check reviews, and always look for the after-sales policy.

Why You Should Buy Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry is becoming popular, especially in the trending Y2K fashion that was hyped up last year. This summer, people are anticipating more colorful jewelry, so this might just be the best bet for you. The reason you should look into them more is they are fashionable for everyday use and a quick trip to the beach. It can add color to any set of attires you plan on wearing. 

Get yourself some enamel jewelry now! 

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