March 08, 2022

Florida-based rapper Yungeen Ace is among the rising rappers that’s making a name in the rap and hip-hop scene today. He has been active during the last few years, releasing mixtapes for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, and a debut album last year. With his active appearance in various digital platforms, there is no doubt we will be seeing more of Yungeen Ace in the coming days.

As someone who’s relatively new in the industry, Yungeen Ace continues to discover his style. He shares that he has just recently gotten into jewelries as he’s more into cars likeLamborghini,Maybach, andFerrari. Today, the twenty-four-year-old rapper sits down with GQ to share his jewelry collection in an episode of On the Rocks.

Yungeen Ace starts off with his pendants. One of these is a customAce of Spade pendant with wings on it and a letter “A” inside which represents his name’s initial. The pendant is in white gold and covered with diamonds. This white gold piece is the same with the next pendant that he shows, a custom letter “C” which is a gift from his label, Cinematic Music Group. The letter “C” pendant, which is all covered with round cut diamonds, is underscored by the wordCinematic, and at the back of it are the engraved initials of his brand. The next piece that he shows is his ATK pendant, his personal favorite as he says. ATK, his brand’s name, is another iced out custom pendant in white gold. The small and round diamond cuts, which are gaining a good amount of attention from jewelry enthusiasts today, are similar to the previous pieces.

The episode also features Yungeen Ace’s dope collection of chains and links. As atennis chain fan, he starts with his own piece of tennis necklace. A tennis chain is a type of jewelry that is made up of small pieces of diamonds linked together by a thin gold. Yungeen Ace shares that he likes this piece because it goes well with any type of pendant. He styles this on top of several Cuban links to give a more accentuated vibe.

Speaking ofCuban links, Yungeen Ace also has good set of this type. Cuban links are those that interlock itself to create a sleek pattern and are perhaps the most popular pieces for celebrities and rappers. There are two types of Cuban links - the Miami Cubans, which are the classic ones of round or oval design and the Prong Cubans which are the newer ones with sharper cuts. Yungeen Ace owns a variety of Cuban links, but her prefers his white pieces.

In this episode, the rapper also showcases his watch, bracelets, rings, and grillz collection. These jewelries all have two things in common: shiny golds and diamonds, and although Yungeen Ace just recently got serious about customizing his jewelry pieces, the items he currently owns are impressive.

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