February 15, 2022

Fashion styles from the 2000s have slowly been making a comeback. More and more millennials and Gen-Z babies hopping on the trend train have been sporting Y2K aesthetics like cropped jackets, velour tracksuits, and other chunky accessories. Among these trends are the revival of choker necklaces in newer and more modern varieties.

What Are Chokers?

A choker necklace or just "choker" is any close-fitting neck chain that is typically about 14-inch to 16-inch in length. Just like a usual necklace, they can be worn in different ways and with different adornments including diamonds, studs or pendants.

Unlike what you might be thinking, chokers aren't really a new jewelry trend. They have been around for ages. In fact, the history of wearing chokers can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptian and Sumerians cultures, who believed that chokers are a protective accessory that holds special powers. These earlier civilizations wore them for protection as well as strength. The choker trend continued as newer civilizations flourished. It was significantly seen as a high-society jewelry and were often worn by aristocrats, the upper class or royalty.

The popularity of chokers has declined for several decades. However, its revival during the 1990s as part of the growing music scene and among artists opened another door for chokers in mainstream fashion.

Now that we’ve understood what a choker is and the history behind it, let’s see how we can stay trendy with this up-and-coming accessory.

How To Stay Trendy with Your Favorite Chokers?

Chokers can be made from several materials including beads, velvet, leather, plastic, latex, and metals such as gold or silver. But the variety that's really been hot today especially among celebrities are those chunky Cuban link chokers that are heavily popular in the hip-hop and rap culture. These chokers intertwine the cuban link structure paired with diamonds and gems.

Styling a Cuban link choker doesn’t really follow a specific rule. It can be worn on any occasion by any gender and any age. Generally, cuban link chokers compliment smaller earrings, so you can start with this. The most important thing to remember is how you layer it with the other accessories or chains that you’re going to wear.

Get Your Cuban Link Chokers at Gold Presidents

What's good about chokers is that they can be minimal yet bold at the same time. Making them compliment with your desired outfit is not much of a problem because of the many variations you can find online.

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