October 27, 2021

How to Style Cuban Link Chains in the Winter

When the winter season rolls in, would you trade your Cuban link chain for a scarf? We didn’t think so—even when it’s freezing, you want your style to be hot as always. So, how do you keep your drip from freezing?


Well, winter might think he’s the king of cool, but true hip hop style enthusiasts know that an iced-out Cuban link chain is far slicker than a frosty walkway. To help you stay cooler than cold weather, we’ve put together a Cuban link winter style guide right below.

Wear It with Your Coat

Don’t let your winter jacket hold you back—you can still wear a Cuban link chain with a coat. When it comes to figuring out how to wear a gold chain with a coat, there are a few approaches you can take.


The most straightforward gold chain necklaces to wear with a coat are long, thick chain necklaces (especially with a pendant) and short/choker chains. If you want to make your chain necklaces as visible as possible with a winter jacket, you can layer these gold chains. Wear the long chain necklace outside of your coat and the short-chain necklace over your shirt. You can add on a mid-length chain necklace under your coat as well.


If you only have one Cuban link chain, deciding how to style it with a coat depends on how long it is. While you can always unzip your jacket to show it off, it’s not always feasible in cold weather. So, as we explained before, the best Cuban link chains to wear in winter with a coat are long and thick Cuban link chains and short Cuban link chains.


It’s a little harder to style a Cuban link chain in winter if it’s a medium-length chain. Adding a pendant to your chain might make the Cuban link chain long enough to wear outside of your coat, but this isn’t always enough. So what else can you do?

Use Fashion Tape to Keep It in Place

Here’s a little style hack for wearing a chain necklace in winter—fashion tape. Fashion tape is a strong, double-sided tape that can be used to style Cuban link necklace chains and gold chains with pendants. neck The benefits of using fashion tape to style a gold chain in winter are underrated.


First of all, if your Cuban link chain isn’t short enough or long enough to wear visibly with a winter coat, you can use fashion tape to temporarily change your chain necklace length.


For medium-to-long Cuban chains that you want to make shorter, place a piece of fashion tape on the pendant or the front of the chain and stick it onto your chest at the length you want your necklace to be. Put the excess chain length behind your neck, hiding it under your shirt or jacket. You can also use tape to keep the extra chain length in place.


Second of all, if it’s a windy day, you can use fashion tape to keep your Cuban chain secure. You won’t have to deal with the wind blowing your necklace up in your face if it’s taped down where you want it. This is also a great way to keep chain necklaces from tangling, even if it’s not windy.


Lastly, fashion tape isn’t some janky DIY solution. It’s actually a popular style trick in the world of fashion—using fashion tape shows you really know your stuff. If you go to New York City in February, the Big Apple’s windiest month, you’ll see plenty of people who magically seem to keep their wardrobe in place. Their secret? Fashion tape.

Wear Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, or a Watch

If you want your Cuban link necklace to stand out with winter clothing, add some other bling to your style to complement it. Some of the best men’s winter jewelry to wear with a chain necklace are:


  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Men’s gold rings
  • Black onyx rings
  • Pinky rings
  • Iced-out watches
  • Cuban link bracelets
  • Flashy gold cufflinks


People are more likely to notice your Miami Cuban link chain in winter if you complement it with other hip-hop jewelry or streetwear style accessories. If you think of your outfit like an art canvas, a balance of flashy jewelry and simpler winter clothes draw’s the viewer’s eye across the whole ensemble.


The best winter styles for men have such balance, but not everyone can achieve it. If you want to turn heads with your winter drip, you have to pay attention to textures, lines, symmetry and asymmetry, color tones, and structure.


You don’t have to match perfectly, but if you decide to wear something different, it should be intentional. With enough confidence, you can pull off any look you create, but to really elevate your style, you’ll find a way to tailor it to your personality and artistic taste.

Buy a Flashy Custom Pendant

If you want to make a bold statement when wearing a chain necklace in winter, a great way to really personalize your look is to add a large custom pendant to your Cuban link chain. Custom pendants are a top men’s winter jewelry trend right now, and we can see why.


Whether you want a custom cross pendant to elevate your hip hop street style, an excessive emoji pendant to channel your inner celebrity, or you want to wear a personalized name pendant to announce your presence wherever you go—you’re upping your game.


Stay Frosty, Be Chill, & Look Fire

Now that you know how to style a Cuban link chain in winter, you can show the Snow Miser who the real king of ice is. Whatever you choose to wear, wherever you decide to flaunt it, if you know how to keep your personal style alive every season, you’re sure to turn heads.


Feel free to share these gold chain winter style tips with someone who needs help (or keep them to yourself if you really want to flex like that).

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