July 17, 2020

One of the most versatile gold chains out now is the Cuban link chain. Here you will get a brief explanation of the way they're made, which gold Cuban you should get, and we will provide recommendations when it comes to buying one!

What are Cuban Link Chains Made Of?

Cuban links can be made out of virtually any metal: gold, silver, platinum, etc. with gold being the most common. Although most gold Cuban link chains are made to look yellow, other colored metals can be combined with gold to change the final color. For example, silver and copper to make rose gold chains and nickel, zinc or palladium for white gold variations. 

How Big of a Chain Should I Get?

Besides the quality of the chains, it's all about the chain size. When we see hip hop stars like Jay Z in the visual holy grail and Reggaeton singers like Daddy Yankee wear big gold Cuban chain over 10lbs in weight, its normal to see regular consumers aiming high on the scale as well. If impressing your neighbors is not your life purpose, how big of a chain should you buy to fit the aesthetic?

The size of the Cuban link chain should depend on your particular taste, we suggest you wear multiple, smaller chains than one large "kilo" chain.

Most 18k Cuban link chain weighs 130-g(.13kg) and is 12mm wide, a far cry from the 10-kilogram, neck-breaking necklace that Daddy Yankee showed off at his concert!

The rule in width when it comes to Cuban link chains for men is between 8 and 12mm; 5 to 8mm for women. A good length when it comes to men's Cuban links is between 18 to 22in and 16 to 18in for women. This is a recommendation for those who still want to look fashionable, obviously not for folk who want to stand out!

10k, 14k, or 18k Gold?

One of the factors you need to consider when buying a Cuban link chain is gold purity. The higher the purity (the higher the "k's") of the gold used to make the chain, the more expensive the Cuban link chain will be.

An 18k gold chain is composed of 75% pure gold, while a 10k Cuban link has less than 50% of gold in it. The difference in purity makes the 18k chain about 60% more expensive than the 10k chain.

We highly recommend that the minimum you should go with 14-18k. Despite the recommendation to go with a 14k gold Cuban link as a happy medium; customers concerned about price can go with a 10k gold chain instead.

Quality is the Key – The Smart Way to Buy a Cuban Link Chain

When looking at the price, it is clear that a 10k chain will be more inexpensive than a 14k or 18k chain. But if you're looking to buy a cheap chain, don' t let your price objective steer you towards poor quality!

 It is ok to gravitate towards a 10k gold chain if the price is one of your main objectives; lower purity doesn't have to mean poor craftsmanship. We stress to seek quality above all else when it comes to getting a good gold Cuban link.

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