April 07, 2021

What to Wear with a Cuban Link Chain

When going for a golden chain, choosing a Cuban link is never a mistake. It offers style, authority, and durability. While modern fashion has fully recognized it in 2012 when the popularity of the piece surged up, it’s been around since the 70s.

The Cuban groups of Miami caught the trend first, thus the name. Later the unique Cuban link styling spread all over the US, from New York to Los Angeles.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine a contemporary outfit without a Cuban link chain. Classic tuxedos, slip dresses, casual, hip-hop-inspired outfits, turtlenecks. Anything becomes more fashionable with such a chain.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic of Cuban link fashion and how to incorporate it into your outfits.

Clear Guidelines to Style Your Cuban Chain Link

Although the first association with the chain is hip-hop legends style, it’s surprisingly versatile. Cuban link chains come in lengths up to 20-30 inches and widths from 0.1 to almost 1 inch.

The two most popular colors are yellow gold and white goldfollowed closely by rose gold, and we recommend you to get all three to maximize your styling options. Now, let’s learn how to style them best with the following set of guidelines:

  • Accessorize:
    Add a bracelet of the same pattern and color, a watch or even rings to coordinate with your outfit the best. If you wear earrings, consider calmer styles of the same tone. Wearing multiple pieces at once allows you to keep the balance of shine consistent throughout your whole fit. If you're going for a more consistent look, you will want to coordinate your chain and bracelet with two cubans of the same millimeter thickness and gold color.
  • Choose proper clothing tones:
    Yellow gold looks better with darker, deeper, often warmer tones. Choose deep beige, brown, burgundy, indigo, or dark green colors. A white gold chain will look great with black, white, grey, as well as colder shades of blue, green and red. When choosing to coordinate with a classic black or white shirt, any chain color will match.
  • Decide on an accent:
    If you want to make an accent on the jewelry, wearing neutral colors is better. If the chain is just an accessory for the outfit, choose a classic size.
  • Upgrade your casual/sporty fashion:
    If you love to wear casual outfits that consist of hoodies and t-shirts, a cuban link chain will elevate your fit. Choose iced-out (diamond-encrusted) options for a brighter, louder outfit and solid gold pieces for a more casual feel.
  • Mix chains:
    If you want something a little more extra, try matching with different cuban link chains and even tennis chains and rope chains. You can stick to one color to match to perfection or coordinate different colored chains to match with different bracelets of matching colors.
  • Add a pendant:
    Finally, if you want to go above and beyond, add a pendant to your cuban/miami link chain to make your jewelry shine even brighter! Just make sure the chain the pendant's bail also spelled bale (The piece that connects the pendant to the chain) is wide enough to allow your the thickness of your cuban link chain to fit through.

Styling Cuban Link Chains with T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweaters and Jackets

Wearing your cuban link chain with T-Shirts and Tank Tops is a no brainer, you can coordinate them even further by matching your chain length to the piece of clothing you're planning on wearing.

For example, if you're wearing a t-shirt or tank top you may want to go with a cuban link choker which has a shorter length to allow your chain to sit closer to your neck and collar.

If you plan on wearing a Mock Neck or Sweater you may want to go with a cuban with a longer length to sit over your sweatshirt more comfortably. Wearing cubans chokers with cuban chains of a longer length allow you layer in a more organized fashion and are always a recommendation for styling with sweatshirts.

For Jackets and Winter Coats we recommend using a solid gold link of a longer length. For a classic more humble look, wear your pieces under your coat above your shirt to allow your chains to peak through the jackets opening to provide a shimmer of shine.

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