April 19, 2021

So, you’re choosing your chains and scrolling through the several types on the market. Then, you realize that you’re stuck between two that look very similar—the curb chain and the miami cuban link chain. But aren’t they the same, especially since they’re both interlocking chains? Not exactly. We’re going to cover the main differences between Miami Cuban Link and Curb Chains, so you can ultimately feel satisfied with the jewelry piece you choose to buy.


Let’s start with how these two types of pieces differ in weight. Because of the curb chain’s construction, it weighs less than a Cuban link chain on average. This is because Cubans have bigger links making them look and feel bulkier. Right now our Cuban link chains begin at 10mm, while our curb chains start at 12mm. Although they may seem similar, you’ll feel the difference when you wear them around your neck.


Cubans and curb chains are two totally different styles. Cuban links are thicker and round with two flat sides —you’ll notice that they are bolder piece and stand out from the rest of your fit while also laying close to your chest. On the other hand, curb chains are thin and flat because the links aren’t bound so closely together. As a result, the chain looks simple and more subtle against your ensemble.


Lastly, the two types of chains differ in how they appear when you style them. The curb chain gives off a classic, subtle look. It’s also more flexible, so it offers more movement and shine. Cuban link chains are sturdier, so they will move less and produce less shine (unless iced out). Regardless, both chains can elevate your sweatshirts game and your more stylish shirts.

Though the differences between Miami Cuban Link Chains and Curb Link Chains seem minor, they’re important to know. But no matter the chain that catches your eye, you can cop your perfect piece of bling from Gold Presidents. You’ll find the hottest—and iciest—pieces in our Miami Cuban Link Chain selection. You can select from luxurious yellow gold, white gold, and diamond options. Not to mention, you’ll find a few stunning curb chains to choose from as well. Gold Pres also pushes for quality above all else, so our customers always get jewelry that will last a lifetime.

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