April 28, 2022

Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, custom jewelry pieces are always a great gift for any occasion. Getting a customized fit signifies one’s pride in his or her personal styles or of the one receiving it. Today, one of the most common personalized pieces are the custom name necklaces. This type of custom jewelries takes pride in the way the name itself is styled along with the chain they are attached to.

Trends come and go, and name necklaces have been present in the jewelry scene since time immemorial, so people have been asking, “Are they still trendy today?” “Will my outfit still have an impact if I pair it with my name necklace.” Read this article and find out some helpful guides if you are planning to get yourself or another a custom name necklace.

Types of Name Necklace

The variations of name necklaces depend on the different factors. It can be categorized by the metal or material they are made off, the crafting technique in which they have been made, the letter or font style in which the names are crafted, as well as the chains or links they are attached to. Here are some types of name necklaces you may want to try:

  1. Gold or Silver Name Necklace. Probably one of the hottest today, gold name necklace is a must-have especially if you’re eyeing for the flashy and shiny look. You can go for the standard gold karats in 10k, 14k, or 18k, but you can also have a gold-plated one. In the same way, silver pieces have also been gaining traction especially from people who like a lighter shade. A gold piece rarely disappoints and a silver one automatically ups one’s style or look, so these two types are on top of our list.
  2. Diamond and Other Gemstone-made Name Necklaces. Another common type of custom name necklace are those that are made of diamonds or other gemstones. In recent years, gemstones, particularly diamonds, have increased in popularity and name necklaces engraved with these stones have notably risen too.
  3. Name Necklaces on Chains. This type depends on the kind of chain the name pendant is attached to. The most common are the Cuban link chains or tennis chains. You can go for any type of chain as long as it matches the pendant.

Buying Tips

With all the many variations of name necklaces available in the market, it gets rather hard to pick the that’s right in your style. Here are some tips you might find helpful in buying your own name necklace:

  1. Know your preferred design. Before even choosing a shop or store, have an idea of a design that you want. This helps especially if you want the piece to be extremely personalized or customized based on your liking.
  2. Choose the right store or brand. Make sure that the store you chose really knows what you’d like. They must be able to provide you with good descriptions as well as suggestions.
  3. Be as specific as possible. To help your store out, be as specific as possible when describing or telling them the design you want to go to. While most stores provide service or product descriptions, the way you want your piece to be personalized also affects the resulting product. In this case you have to be specific not only on the pendant design but also on the chain and the materials to be used.

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