March 01, 2023

We have seen a lot of this in Gen Z’s Y2K fashion in past years, but this is not the first time. It was brought up. Let’s give you a quick flashback into the history of its style and how it has surpassed trend after trend. 

The History of Nameplate Jewelry

When it comes to the symbolism of jewelry, we can all agree on how the Egyptians started it all. There is what they call Wesekhsliterally translated as “the broad one.” They are broad-collar jewelry, a symbol of your status, and often worn by royalty. It is the earliest that people saw the ancient people use jewelry to cater to their individuality and self-expression. 

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, people of color popularized nameplate jewelry as part of the cultural ecosystem used as a cultural identity. Black and Latinx communities would use this jewelry to show people their names, which are often hard to pronounce by other people. 

Then, it became more hyped up and available to the masses and worn more in the streets. It has been commercialized and worn on the red carpet. As trends change, nameplate jewelry progresses better than it has been, which is why people have been sticking to its unique and timeless appeal.

What’s the Best Font For Your Nameplate? 

Here are the things you need to consider when you pick a font for your nameplate jewelry.

  • Script-style fonts 

It refers toanything written by hand. It would look the most authentic since it looks like normal handwriting. It is different from cursive or calligraphy, although used interchangeably since many cursive fonts are under the script font style. 

  • Block-style fonts 

Block-style fonts are the most distinct among others as it is the easiest to read. Each letter is not connected like in the script. This style is famous for beginner collectors of jewelry who are interested in nameplate jewelry but struggling to choose a font. 

  • Local language fonts 

This font depends on the language you speak. Since there are thousands of languages spoken in the world, roughly about 6,500 languages, jewelers have opted to pick a language specifically for you. It gives extra sentimentality to a piece that enables you to show the individuality you have for wearing one.

There are a few fonts that celebrities use. Calligraphy is the art of writing in that people take less interest. However, they didn't realize how essential letter writing is, whether it's written on paper or molded into jewelry. Nameplate fonts let people know your vibe. “How so?” You might ask. It is simple. There are three factors you also need to consider for your next purchase.

  • Font Characteristic
  • When looking into font styles, check if it is legible and fits the style you want. Deciphering better how to choose your font are: letter contrast, width, rounding, and height. There are also options for whether you prefer italics or serifs.

    • Your Style

    Your style is another factor in choosing fonts because how your name is written would show your personality at first glance. The cursive fonts usually have a more regal and elegant appeal, while the cute handwritten style ones make you look fun and charming.

    • Your Wardrobe

    The way you dress is also a factor when choosing the font of your nameplate jewelry. Dresses and suits you wear on formal occasions call for cursive fonts that would have the same level of elegance as your fit. Another style for formal occasions is the script-style font that oozes a feminine and charming appearance. On the contrary, if you have more casual clothes and are very into streetwear, then, a bolder font would suit you best. Those with large fonts and thick letters would be perfect for a casual flex. 

    How to Style Nameplate Jewelry

    Is this your first time getting nameplate jewelry, or have you already purchased one because of the trend but are still confused about how to style them? Let’s go over some of the classic ways how to wear them. You can also checkGold Presidents on different styles that would suit you best. Check them out now! 


    Stack them up

    There is nothing like following the classic style of stacking jewelry. It is an easy way of leveling up your game by wearing jewelry if you find that wearing jewelry one at a time seems boring now. 

    For necklaces, it would be best to play with different chain lengths from a choker chain to a longer chain inch below your collarbone. You could put your nameplate jewelry in the middle section of the stack to ensure that all eyes directly go at it.

    This style also goes for nameplates made into bracelets. You can layer them with a solid gold bangle or other chain styles that could give extra texture with different arm candies you put on. 

    Forrings, the names are often put in thick chunky rings, so you could put other rings on your other rings with different thicknesses. It will create a good illusion and give off that well-thought-through style. 

    Balance it with your Outfit.

    When wearing nameplate jewelry, you must consider your outfit carefully. If you want it to be seen well on a necklace, go for low necklines or turtle necks. Anything in between would be distracting to most people. If the pendant is false directly on the hem of the neckline. It is a no, no! 

    Ice it out

    Another thing to make sure that your nameplate jewelry is accentuated is to have it busted down with diamonds. Your name needs to sparkle, am I right?

    Grab yourselves nameplate jewelry now! 

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