June 01, 2021

Your jewelry should reflect your personality. When you show off your style, you want your fashion to be unique and recognizable to your aesthetic. What better way to layer your personality into your fashion than by rocking a custom name necklace? In this blog, we’ll discuss creative ways to wear name pieces to elevate and personalize your style.

Wear Your Family Name

When you wear a name on your chest, it reflects some of the most important values in your life. Whether you prefer to wear your name iced out in diamonds or want to honor your family name in white gold, name necklaces are versatile to customize your vision.

If you prefer a more creative approach to your name necklace, consider playing around with names or phrases that you dream of wearing in different designs. Name necklaces are ideal for nicknames, fan clubs, or even squad names. The options of designing and customizing your name necklaces are endless.

Personalize Fonts

Another creative way to wear name pieces is to explore different font options. Font significantly affects the appearance and impression of name pieces. Before choosing a font to apply to your name necklace, ask yourself what type of impression you want your jewelry to make.

If you prefer bold letters with maximum bling, choose thicker fonts to display iced-out gold designs better. If you want to customize a name necklace for everyday wear and simpler shine, choose more classic fonts.

Switch the Chains

When you wear a customized name necklace, the chain you wear with your pendant matters. Between rope chains, tennis chains, and Cuban link chains, the various sizes of these necklaces can add depth, boldness, or simplicity to your jewelry.

Consider the boldness or simplicity of your style first. If you are confident in heavy, layered chains that reflect bold style and power, rope chains or Cuban link chains are likely the best fit for your style. For a more timeless, simple, and sophisticated look, opt for tennis chains. Once you find a chain that fits your style, your name necklace will be an even more personalized and creative piece to add to your fashion.

These statement pieces evoke both sentimental and stylish aesthetics that can add personality to any outfit. Consider exploring the different options of names, phrases, fonts, and chains to design the most creative and customized name piece for your outfit. 

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