March 01, 2023

Another year, another season for diamonds. Don’t let anybody stop you from shining. This year don’t let your lobes shy away from being bear, so make sure to put some bling on them. And when we say bling, nothing beats an old classic diamond stud earring to set the standard on sparkle.

We’ll help you out with your next diamond hunt this year. Keep reading as we go through each step you need to find your perfect diamond stud earrings

History of Diamond Earrings

Ear ornaments have a long history that dates back to ancient times. They were made of clay, shells, gemstones, and precious metals. Diamond stud earring has seen their rise and fall because of hairstyle trends. In the 11th and 16th centuries in Europe, earrings disappeared almost entirely after women wore hairstyles and head coverings that hid the ears, thus why women saw it a waste to wear earrings then. In the 16th century, the headpieces that were a trend to cover the ears had changed. The earrings were back in business. It improved the gem-cutting styles of diamonds more, and those styles remain classic up to this day. Earrings have kept on evolving and upgrading their style ever since then. 

What to Ask Yourself When Buying Diamond Stud Earrings?

If you want a perfect decision when you purchase your new diamond jewelry, you should ask yourself this set of questions.

#1 What is your budget for this piece?

The first question you ask yourself is how much you are willing to pay for a diamond stud earring. People usually purchase diamonds during special occasions such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. So on this day, you can give them quality earrings that would still fit your allotted amount and not overspend.

#2 What Diamond Grade Are You Getting?

When choosing a diamond, you must want to go for a good quality one. And, to get one, you need to consider the 4Cs of a diamond. 

Color – The color of a diamond is graded, from a D-Z color scale, with D being completely colorless and Z having the hues of yellow and brown. However, apart from the color of the In order to understand the color of the diamond, you must know that its facets allow light to refract from its surroundings as you wear it. Grab yourdiamond stud earrings atGold Presidents and get the quality of diamonds you deserve.

Clarity – How clear a diamond is, is also an important matter to be distinguished when purchasing diamonds. There are what we call inclusions or natural dark spots on a raw diamond. The clarity scale is measured by Slightly Included (SI) or Included (I), which are the better values you should remember to choose when you want a diamond with good clarity.

Cut – When we take about diamond cuts, it is when we get down to business. How a diamond is cut is the cherry on top of a piece. If you want your diamond jewelry to pop its brilliance, the cut of the diamond is an important feature. 

Carat Weight – weight is something people don’t look into much when buying diamonds as they feel that the heavier the stone, the better diamond. It can be a bit much for stud earrings because you have to get two. A diamond of 0.50 carat (ct) or larger would be the best choice for your diamond stud earrings. 

#3 What Diamond Shape Do You Prefer?  

Diamond shapes come in various forms from the renditions made by jewelers throughout the years. Below are what people find to be popular shapes this year

Round - Round is the most popular diamond shape as it gives off the greatest brilliance out of all the other diamond cuts. They give off a classic look with any wardrobe style and ring style you stack.

Pear - Pear-shaped diamonds or teardrop-shaped diamonds are popular this year due to their unique shape. It gives almost the same brilliance as the round-cut diamond. Because this is an elongated shape, it would seem larger than other diamond shapes. 

Emerald – Emerald cut diamonds also have a vintage style because of their rectangular shape. Its soft edges give off glamour and elegance on a new level. 

#4 What’s your stud Earring Setting?

Your next step should be to consider the shape of the setting of the diamond after you have checked the diamond shape off your list. It is a factor you should consider as it can be crucial to how your diamond looks. We will introduce you to some of the settings popular this year

Prong Settings 

We will get to see a lot of prong-setting engagement rings this year. Pair it with prong-set stud earrings, and you are all set! It is the most classic diamond setting. They hold the diamond with little claw-like metals around the diamond. You can see the top of the diamond and portions of the bottom. This style allows light to enter the diamond, which makes it really brilliant. 

Bezel Settings 

The Bezel setting is another diamond setting brides prefer this year. This style holds your diamond securely in place. Unlike the prong style that allows light even under the diamond, the bezel setting has enclosed ends. It is highly advised for active people that fear the damage to their diamonds from every wear and tear. However, the downside of this is a diamond’s limited brilliance. 

Halo Settings 

This setting is for those who want nothing less than glamour. If a single diamond is not enough for you, a halo setting which is a center diamond having smaller diamonds encircling it like a halo is your best bet for the level of sparkle you want to achieve. Be extra and get a halo set diamond!

#5 What Metal Type Do You Prefer?

Last but not least, you should decide which type of metal you want. You can choose from the following options. 

Yellow Gold 

Yellow gold is great for people with warm undertones. You might want to take note of your skin color when you look into metal colors. It is a precious metal that has a great sense of classic appeal.

Rose Gold 

If you are going for the romantic approach, then rose gold would be the one for you. Its pinkish hue can give off love and warmth to those eyeing those diamonds in your ears. They would look good with warm and neutral undertones. 

White Gold 

White gold has that clean and modern look that any diamond can shine brilliantly on. It's great for people with cool undertones and is hypoallergenic. 

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