March 01, 2023

Men’s earring game meets the year 2023. 

This year, we are faced with some men’s staples to ear jewelry. The styles of earrings we have been introduced to over the past decades will take us back in time this year. Here’s a quick rundown of earring styles for men that you can look forward to. 

Stud Earrings

Studs are the most basic earring style women have been wearing, and men have now embraced this and incorporated it into their fashion. It is the perfect choice of earring style if you are only starting to pierce your earrings and training them for more piercings you want to pursue. Since this is only a straight bar affixed with a lock at the back of the ear, it would fit snuggly on your ears as if they weren’t even there.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are now a great deal for men. As jewelry trends have evolved, hoop earrings have taken on various styles and sizes. There are what we call the Huggie Earrings that hug your lobes because they are very small hoops that go around your lobe piercing. Then, the sizes get bigger from there. They go until as big as a saucer that touches your elbows. It is something typical of women. Men, on the other hand, have opted for mid-sized hoops made out of either silver or gold.

Hoop earrings are much more comfortable than studs that can stab the back of your ear when you wear them to sleep. The hoop earrings hang on your pierced lobe or cartilage, and its lock is hidden in the clean circle that makes the hoop. No sharp edges mean more comfort.

Dangly Earrings

This earring style is bolder compared to others. Dangly earrings are worn for dressier occasions. Some wear a cross with dangling chains of silver that go well with the alternative fashion style, while some go for pearls and diamonds.

You have to understand that this earring style is not for those men who choose comfort, as some dangling earring styles can be heavy. This style is only appropriate for high-end parties and special occasions.

Novelty Earrings

This earring style has dominated the runway by men in recent fashion shows. In terms of wardrobe outfits or jewelry, this is for men with maximalist, if not extreme style choices. Novelty earrings are the ear jewelry that you wear when you want to give that fun twist to your look and make it extra fancy. Some wear it in only one ear and usually use one big piece like an oversized safety pin or a quirky animal shape or geometric pattern that you leave dangling on your ear.

Flesh Tunnels

Although this earring style is not everybody’s cup of tea, some men like to express their creativity with this style. It is a level up from your regular hoops. This style needs patience, and by the time your ears get used to it, where you can experience discomfort wearing it. It’s also not for every occasion, especially in a professional setting, so you need to decide which one you should consider.

Clip-On Earrings

Now let’s talk about a very revolutionary creation in the jewelry game. It is for those men that fear getting their ears pierced. If you are one of them, this will be perfect for you. As the name of this earring style suggests, you simply clip them on your lobes or around your ear, and they will look like they are piercings.

Magnetic Earrings

Another alternative to piercing is the magnetic earrings you put on with a magnet on its back and front with your lobe sandwiched in the middle.

How to Take Care and Properly Wear Earrings

Since you have learned the styles you can pick from this year, here is the aftercare you need to keep in mind totake care of your jewelry.

  • Earrings are not only worn for the heck of it, but you have to take note of your face shape. For round-shaped faces, longer earrings are best, while elongated faces suit best with short or stud earrings.
  • To prevent discoloration or irritation on your skin, during swimming in the sea or pool or even in the shower, you should remove your earrings.
  • Earring metals should also be suited to your skin undertones for better compatibility with your jewelry.
  • Keep the balance in your jewelry. Keep them simple for everyday wear, and more dramatic earrings are reserved for those special occasions.  
  • When matching your jewelry to your clothes, it is more manageable if you match them with the metal accents in your outfit.
  • Always keep your new piercings clean and your earrings sterilized well when you change them.

So, are you excited to pick up another earring style this year? Which one was your favorite?

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