February 10, 2023

Are you planning to work on your ear candy this year? Well, you came to the right place. 

Earrings have journeyed through time and have different meanings. They have become a form of talisman and a status symbol more than just a fashion icon. We're here to give you all the info you’ll be needing to be the earring fashion guru you might’ve been born to be. So, sit tight and read on!

Earring Styles

To tear this into a quick timeline, we’ll show you the types of earrings through their three main types, namely the classics, the modern, and the alternative earring types.

Classic Types of Earrings

  • Stud Earrings
  • Stud earrings are the classic type of earrings shaped like a stud. It’s simple yet favored by many, and use this style as their first earring set.

    • Hoop Earrings

    Hoop earrings are fun accessories when you feel a bit funky. It’s a good mix of elegance and fun. You can get them in silver or gold, in all sizes.

    • Pearl Earrings

    It is a classic piece that dates back to ancient times even. They can either be worn as studs or make a dangle on your ears. It is usually a formal event type of jewelry like your night galas.

    • Drop Earrings

    Drop earrings hang right below your lobes. It is the right amount of length you go for when you want to add a bit of flavor to your jewelry but don’t want to go overboard.

    • Teardrop Earrings

    These are similar to drop earrings; however, they feature a teardrop design right below your ear. A good pear-cut diamond would be your best bet for this teardrop shape.

    • Chandelier Earrings

    It is the earring you go for when you want to flex. As the name entails, they look like chandeliers that hang from your lobes and are very accepting of attention throughout the crowd. It’s hard not to steal a second glance from earrings like this.

    • Clip-on Earrings

    Jewelers, through time, can up with the idea to make earrings for those people even without the piercing clip-on earrings. They can easily be used by kids or adults who don’t want to get holes in them.

    Modern Earring Types

    • Cluster Earrings

    This earring, like the chandelier earring, is made to make a statement. It can be a stud earring or a dangly one, but its main point is the clusters formed to a piece. It can be made from diamonds or beads.

    • Huggie Earrings

    A huggie earring is a type of earring that is similar to a hoop but hugs closely to your lobes. They can be made simply from plain metal or encrusted with diamonds for extra flavor. Go check out Gold Presidents for your next set of earrings!

    • Ear Cuff Earrings

    Ear cuff earrings are stylish kinds of earrings that clasp snugly on the shell of your ear. Whether your ears are cuffed or not, you can be able to wear this. They are minimalistic; however, good for earring stacking.

    • Cartilage Earring Types

    Now going a bit higher than the ear cuff are cartilage earrings. It is another must-have for earring stacking. It has an edge to its style even if they come in cute characters. Some are made of studs, while others prefer hoops.

    • Ball Earrings

    Ball earrings are ball-like earrings that rest directly on the post. They are like stud earrings with a sophisticated touch to them.

    • Tassel Earrings

    These are more playful earrings with a boho vibe to them. They are often layered and colorful silk or embroidered floss like a brush.

    • Crawler Earrings

    Crawler earrings or climber earrings are earrings that start at the lobe of your ear and climb up until your cartilage. They are often a design of flower trails or constellations.

    • Mismatched Earrings

    This one is often seen on the runway worn by models. This modern and edgy style does not follow rules when it comes to earrings. A stud on the left ear and a dangly earring on the right ear is the best way to give a great impact to your look.

    Alternative Kinds of Earrings

    • Barbell Earrings

    Imagine the weights that you use at the gym. A tiny barbell where the handle goes through your ear, and the rounded bead at the end is the lock where you twist it to put it in place. It is great for the security of your earrings.

    • Circular Barbell Earrings

    Similar to the barbell earrings, the beads on both sides are not flat but fully rounded. It is a great form of piercing for the eyebrows, lips, and nose.

    • Plug Earrings

    Plug earrings are used to expand the area of your piercing. They would look like a cork or a ring with a hole in the middle that stretches your lobe.

    • Ear Spike Earrings

    It goes for our little rebels out there. This earring type is shaped like a cone with a spike at the end measuring 1.5 cm. It has a very edgy look but is not a cup of tea to most but a great style for creative and unique people.

    Types Of Earring Backs

    Each earring has different types of locks. Check out your options below.

    • Post Backs

    This type is often found on stud earrings, which makes them the most common. It is a tiny metal that is held together with a clutch.

    • Hinge Backs

    Hinge backs are often seen in hoops and Huggies. They click into place as you combine the ends of the hoop.

    • Shepard Hook Backs

    It looks like Shepard’s staff. The curve ending of the staff is mused to hang on the piercing in place. They are often used in dangly earrings.

    • Screw Backs

    They are the most secure form of lock for your earrings that you can use. These backs spin in and out of place in stud earrings and barbell earrings.

    So what earring style resonates with your personal style best?


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