March 01, 2023

Congratulations on your upcoming big day if you are a bride-to-be reading this. 

We understand the long yet exciting journey you are going through with all the preparation and planning for that one day you want to be perfect. But remember, you were never alone on this. You got your girlies to thank. You have a whole bridal party by your side to thank for making the journey less intimidating than it is. The girls that help you bid farewell to your single life and welcome the new chapter waiting up ahead. Being with you every step of the way, from choosing your bridal gown to your bachelorette party, they deserve some credit and appreciation. 

That is what we will be helping you out within this article. Since they are your closest friends and family, you might already know their style and vibe, so gift-giving would be easy. Jewelry would make it a lot easier because who doesn't want jewelry? So, let’s dive right into what jewelry style is the best gift for your bridesmaids. 

Chains and Necklaces

This 2mm Gold Herringbone Chain would be a good classic piece to gift to your girlfriends that they can wear on the wedding with their gowns. Because of its thin and continuous style, it looks clean as it sits comfortably on your neck. It gives off elegance on a new level.

Both men and women have loved theGold Rope Chain for years because it is both simple and classic. It can symbolize your close-knit friendship like the threads of a coil wrapped around one another like the rope chain. 

Custom-made Mini Name Necklaces would be a great gift to show the effort of personalizing each of your bridal team’s necklaces. Since this is a mini necklace, it would go well with any style they have. This can be kept simple by being a singular statement piece or be elevated by layering with other necklaces varying in thickness and length.


These Tennis Chains in white gold would be a great topper piece that could steal some of the attention from the bride. The continuous flow of these diamonds on your neck would make any dull-colored clothes look like they came out of magazine photos. 


Letter Pendant is a way to put each of your gifts a bit of personal touch unique to the person you wish to give them. This pendant has a white gold metal base encrusted with diamonds that catch the light perfectly. The way it sits on your neck is a great way to accentuate that collarbone. Get your chosen letters customized at Gold Presidents, which makes high-quality jewelry.

Having anAngel Feather Wing Pendant symbolizes the little angels who guided you throughout your journey to becoming a wife. It might be small, but it is detailed well. The added touch of encrusting diamonds is a great way to turn some heads in your direction when they wear this jewelry piece.

If you have the budget, get your pendants customized into a Custom Enamel Picture Pendant. You can add your and the bridesmaid’s photo to commemorate the friendship. It can be made from white or yellow gold and engraved dates and words at the back part of the pendant. It’s sentimental and trendy – two things that could never go. 


Silver Bracelet would be a great addition to a jewelry collection, hence, an ultimate gift for the ladies. It's great on its own and also well-stacked with other jewelry pieces. It is a classic piece to own, and cuff bracelets peaked the hype in 2022, along with semi-circle-shaped necklaces, which people anticipate more of this year.

This Tennis Bracelet set in Yellow Gold Metal is another thing that has been popular with the ladies for quite a long time. Give your girlfriends a bit of spoiling with this bling. Suitable for casual and formal wear, it is great for everyday wear and tears. Active ladies are best with this jewelry style. 

It is another form of tennis bracelet but a tad more creative and well put together. This Clustered Heart Tennis Bracelet is sure to get a scream and giggles once they see this as a present. Its feminine touch to make the tennis chain into hearts is a genius move to get those heads turning towards your wrists. This jewelry added to your collection is a game changer. 


Gold Herringbone Anklet is a great gift for the girls since it’s a good vibe with any outfit. Anklets are usually worn for beach or boho style fits, but this herringbone style has a clean, sophisticated look you can flaunt on your gala night with killer heels.

The Cuban link is a classic style that shows off that laid-back street style that would always be great no matter what is trendy. A Gold Cuban Link Anklet is sure to give a great vibe to your fits with its warm hue on your bare ankles. 


Let’s not let your ladies feel left out, give them a ring too! This Pink Heart Ring should be a great symbol of your friendship and all the love you shared with each other. 

You can show your deepest gratitude to your bridal team with thisButterfly Promise Ring.

Your friends and family will surely appreciate the jewelry you choose that shows your appreciation and gratitude.

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