March 01, 2023

Hello, boys and gals! Are you all ready for the love month that is February? 

Well, technically, it’s not a holiday to celebrate, but to your girlfriends, it might just be a vital line to check on the future of your relationship. Okay, that might be a bit much. But some people exaggerate Valentine’s Day compared to ordinary flowers and chocolates. But then again, who wouldn’t want a day to make your partner feel extra special, right?

Some use this day to finally open their feeling to someone special as the start of a new relationship, while others use the special day to propose to their partners for marriage. But you might wonder where this kind of passed-on tradition started in the first place. Well, keep reading and find out! 

History of Valentine’s Day

It might be a great surprise to people that behind the roses and romance of Valentine’s Day is a dark and twisted history.

It all started in ancient Rome with a fertility festival celebrated during February 13-15. In this ritual, it is said that Roman priests would run naked, slapping women with bloody hides from the goats and dogs they just have sacrificed to the Roman God. The women would all line up wanting to be slapped as they believed this to promote fertility. Then, women’s names would be written on paper and placed in a bowl drawn for a lottery. If they are paired with the right person, this will continue until the end of the festival. 

At another time in ancient Rome, two people named Valentine were executed on the 14th of February (in two different years). They were honored by the Catholic Church and were made into saints. St. Valentine was also known to be the first person to write a card on Valentine’s Day to someone he found special. He wrote, “From your Valentine,” a phrase we can still see on valentine’s day cards today. 

During the Renaissance, the stories became intertwined. Chaucer and Shakespeare have also romanticized the past bloody history of Valentine’s Day into a much more romantic and sweet approach. Soon, people were pinning over love letters, flowers, and chocolates to send on this day of the year.

But like we said, over decades and centuries, it has been a more special day for people to give gifts like flowers and chocolates. Some women like something shiny rather than something fragrant. So, we are here to introduce you to the best choices for your Valentine’s Day jewelry gift.

Bandaged Heart Emoji Pendant

This Bandaged heart emoji pendant makes a statement as a gift for Valentine’s day. It gives off the message of taking care of their heart for them. It is best for the special occasions you want to flex because it is fully encrusted in diamonds from necklace to pendant.

Gold Heart Necklace

This gold heart necklace is a simple piece that only outlines the shape of the heart in diamonds with a rope gold chain. It goes well with people who have warm skin undertones. Its simplicity can be great for everyday wear.

Iced Heart Necklace 

This iced heart necklace is another piece that can be the perfect eye-candy jewelry for your partner. With the two tons of this piece given by the diamonds and the gold rope chain, it will complement any outfit you wear. The diamonds give off a clean look, and the gold rope chain gives warmth and color to your look.

10K Gold Heart Necklace

If your girl aims for simplicity, you can go for a gold chain and pendant. This 10K gold heart necklace with a sleek-looking solid gold pendant can give your look a clean finish with just the right amount of shine from the metal.

Clustered Heart Tennis Necklace

If you want to go all out with hearts, a clustered heart tennis necklace would be the perfect style for your partner. This heart-shaped diamond with a halo on each diamond heart gives off a continuous shine like no other on their neck.

Clustered Heart Tennis Bracelet

If you don’t want to give a necklace, you can opt for a bracelet like this clustered heart tennis bracelet. It would make an excellent piece of jewelry to wear when the dresses your partner usually wears are not flattering on their necks and would be too much for a set of jewelry. The tones of the diamond and the gold medal come to a balance that gives an amazing finish.  

Pink Heart Ring

Giving a ring as a symbol of love has to be one of the sweetest and most romantic gestures one can receive for valentines day. So, give them this pink heart ring to commemorate this special day in your relationship.

Butterfly Promise Ring

Engagement rings are given with the promise of marriage. This butterfly promise ring is the perfect way to show your faithfulness and devotion to your current relationship where ever fate may take you and your partner. 

Heart Shape Stud Earrings


Heart-shaped stud earrings are for your sweetheart and would be a great accent to her facial features. Make sure you get earrings that frame your partner’s face and are worth the purchase.

Diamond Flower Set Tennis Anklet 


If you got your hearts ready, how about the flowers then? If your girl thinks a bouquet is too much for them, give them a diamond flower set tennis anklet. Even her ankles need some bedazzling from time to time.

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