November 23, 2022

A spoon needs a fork, peanut butter needs jelly, and a chain needs a pendant. There is a reason why things are meant to be paired with each other. Pairing jewelry can instantly double your game from looking laid back to something with a thought-through look. 

When purchasing jewelry, you don’t always get a pair. Sometimes you only get a chain or a necklace. Sometimes you only get a pendant that you like. So having that in your collection and wanting to wear it outside would need its pairs. We’re here to help you get the perfect matching pair for the chain you already have or a pendant you have been waiting to flaunt. 

Popular chains that match pendants

Perfectly matching your necklace chains to a pendant can boost your look from simple and casual to something iconic and memorable. Here are the types of chains that would bebest for pendants

Cable chain. It remained popular through the years of many trends that come and go. The simplest way to describe this chain is the type of chain you usually see on boats. It’s that kind of chain, only thinner and classier-looking around your neck.

Figaro Chain. This style originated in Italy and is famous among men’s chain styles. They look like flattened oval links that sit comfortably on your neck when worn. 

Cuban Link Chain. This link is popular among rappers. It has become a staple when it comes to hip-hop jewelry. It is similar to the curb chain, but Cuban chains are much thicker and less flexible compared to them.

Wheat chain. As it is said, this chain embodies the structure of wheat formed by jewelers that weave the link into a V-shaped pattern looking like wheat running along the length of the necklace.

Rope Chain. This chain style features a rope-like chain around the neck when worn. 

Box chain. Here, square links are used and made to overlap each other to form a cube or a box along its length.

Ball Chain. Military people often use this to carry their dog tags which is why it is widely known for that style. On necklaces, they are usually made into a pearl-like necklace made of metal. The spaces on each ball make the chain flexible.

When choosing a chain and a pendant match

There are several ways to mix and match your pendants to either the type of chain you have or the type of chain to the pendant you may already have. Here are a few popular options.

1. Be mindful of the length.

Pairing up pendants with chains could be easy, considering you know the right things to pair. You should start with the length of the chain. There are a fewnecklace chain lengths that you could use. 

There are the shorted necklace lengths called the choker and the princess length, good for smaller pendants of charm-like dangles. Meanwhile, the matinée and opera for the longer style chains would work best with larger pendant styles. The reason you use this combination is to be able to create a balance in the piece.

On the other hand, if you want the best of both worlds, choose an adjustable chain that could cater to any pendant style you have. See how easy that can be?

2. Check the pendant’s bail.

The bail or bale is the loop at the top of the pendant attached to the chain. Its feature should be noticed more often. You must ensure that the bail is the right fit for the chain so the pendant can move smoothly through it. Take note that the bail is usually measured in millimeters to set will be the best fit chain.

3. Styles should not clash.

There are different styles of chains, like what you just read earlier, and this also goes for the pendant. You have to make sure that they have a cohesive look. If your chain features a small link, a micro pendant would be best for a minimalistic vibe.

There are angled chains like the box chain. An example of this is tennis necklaces. It has strong accented edges that would suit cross pendants. Both edged angles create that illusion flow of the same edgy vibe from the chain towards the pendant. Meanwhile, there are also round-looking chains that can create a sleeker look on you.Cuban link,franco, andrope chain are examples of these rounded chains. You can pair them with amedallion type of pendant

4. Stick to one metal

If you only have a pendant, or you might only have a chain, this trick would make you look like they came in like a set. Go for the same-colored metals. A gold chain would look good with a gold pendant, as with a silver chain that would go with a silver pendant. 

5. Calculated Contrast

You might have a loud personality that you also want to resonate in your jewelry. Then you might be a maximalist that can mix and match popping colors to vibe with your wardrobe. For silver chains, you can opt for colored crystals or even a black diamond pendant for that intense pop of color.

6. You do you

By the end of the day, it all comes down to what rule of jewelry fashion you wish to break to create that style unique to your personality. Make your jewelry collab pieces personal by simply doing you. Be creative in matching and mixing colors and styles into those pairs until you find the one that resonates with you. It all comes down to what you like.

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