October 04, 2022

Even if you don't give your outfits much care, the type, color, and length of the jewelry you wear can add flare to any outfit. It's a great idea to educate yourself on the top styling methods available and put on a killer outfit that could transform your appearance into a fashion icon. 

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Keep scrolling as we introduce you to necklace lengths, outfit ideas, and other factors you ought to know about with your necklace of choice.

  • Different Necklace Lengths You Should Know

  • Choker.The choker is typically 14 to 16 inches long when fastened tightly against the base of your neck. No. Contrary to what the term implies, it won't choke you but will fit nicely around your neck.

    Princess.It is nicely positioned on your collarbone and is typically the conventional length for necklaces, which are frequently 18" long.

    Matinée.It typically measures 22" in length and sits between the collarbone and the bust.

    Opera.It can range from 28 to 36 inches. Furthermore, it is worn at or below the bust.

  • Neckline Types Suited for your Necklace of Choice

  • Choker.This length can be paired with different styles but would work best with an off-shoulder, sleeveless, crew, and boat neckline top. 

    Princess.It is the most commonly purchased length as it can suit almost all clothing styles. Furthermore, it is the ultimate go-to length for your day-to-day outfits. Since this is longer than a choker, if your necklace has a pendant, it would drag the chain and form a V shape. It pairs with a V-neck top, surplice, or sweetheart neckline.

    Matinée. Thistype of necklace length is best for people with larger frames. People use this for business wear with collared shirts and high necklines; however, it could still fit a wide selection of clothing styles. 

    Opera. Like the Matinée,this length works well for most high necklines like turtle necks and boat necks which makes it a classy choice for evening wear.

    Rope / Lariat.Because they are so lengthy, as their name implies, rope or lariat necklaces are to be looped around your neck several times, creating a double-stranded necklace.

  • Know your Neck Size 

  • Yes, knowing your neck size is essential. If you are unsure of it, start measuring. Take a measuring tape and carefully wrap it around your neck. No matter the measurement, add two inches for a comfortable fit, especially if you prefer chokers, and four inches if you want to add acustom pendant to your short necklaces.

    People typically cling to a single style in their clothing, whether it is for casual or formal attire. You could determine the ideal necklace length in the simplest way possible if you did. The best for you to wear is probably the one that matches the most of your outfit.

    You may not know that your neck has texture, length, and width. And to find the ideal fit for you, you must consider each of these. The most comfortable neck length for all types of necklaces is a long one. Chokers would be a perfect fit for long necks.  It is not the best solution for people with shorter necks because it could make them appear even more straightforward. The same is true for those who have wrinkly necks; a choker may make them appear more prominent; therefore, it is best to refrain from donning short necklaces that fit around your neck. Instead, cover your short, wrinkly neck with a longer necklace chain to draw less attention to it. Long or short,Gold Presidents may make your jewelry to order so that it remains distinctly you.

  • Height matters too

  • It may come as quite a revelation to some people considering how rarely we consider it when talking about necklace length. This criterion is not considered because everything works effectively for ladies of medium height or taller. If you are a short lady (5'4" or less), it is best to choose necklaces that are shorter (16 to 20 inches) and that sit on your collarbone or just below it. It would give the impression that you were taller and had a longer torso.

  • Face Shape

  • Knowing your face shape is a crucial way to help highlight your best facial characteristics, much like knowing your height does. Don't just use it to accessorize your outfits; let it frame your face and alter how others see you.

    Face shapes with more width than length on their features include round and square faces. For this type, it’s best to wear long-length necklaces to help elongate your face.

    For long-shaped faces, to add width and soften the shape of their faces, they should wear shorter necklaces like chokers and princess necklaces measuring between 16” – 18”.

    For the heart-shaped faces, chokers would make you look your best because they help with creating an illusion of a full face and help balance out your narrow chin.

    Lucky for those with oval-shaped faces, they can do well with any necklace style because their face shape is suitable for any type.

    Now, that’s all you have to do to know about the necklace lengths to find the perfect one for you. Have fun styling your next OOTD! 

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