Necklaces: Education and Buying Tips

September 06, 2023

You’re looking for a new necklace, something that speaks to you. But where to start? There are SO many different types of chain links, chain styles, types of necklaces, and necklace materials. In general, a necklace is defined as any type of chain or length of precious metal or gems. They are also available in pendant styles that feature a single diamond, gemstone, fine metal design, or pearl, usually suspended from a chain. A pearl strand is a length of closely strung pearls.

Metal Chains
This is the most versatile because they go with everything. A fine platinum chain in a choker length will add just a touch of shine.

Necklaces come in an assortment of styles including heavier chains, links, and braids. Some necklaces feature a fixed set of diamonds or gemstones, where others have stones that run their entire length. Pendants feature diamonds, gemstones, or fine metal designs that are suspended from a chain.

Pearl Strands
Pearl strands are an essential element to a woman's jewelry wardrobe. She can wear one with a dress to create a classy look.

Solitaire Pendants
Solitaire Pendants
The simple design of a solitaire pendant allows all the attention to focus on a beautiful diamond, pearl, or gemstone. These timeless pieces can be worn with a dress or with jeans.

Type of chains
Jewelry chain types can create a distinctive style for each necklace. In general, a chain is a strand of interlocking rings, discs, or beads, and it is usually composed of metal. While chain links can be made by hand, most jewelry manufacturers use modern designs that are made by machinery. There are a lot of different link styles and combinations to create different fashionable looks.

Curb Chain. The curb chain is comprised of curved links that interlock even when they lie flat. These links can all be the same size or have links in increasingly larger sizes. Chunky curb chains are used to make trendy urban designs.

Rope Chain. The rope chain is the most popular textural chain style. The chain links of a rope chain are twisted and looped together in a pattern resembling a rope.
Wheat Chain. The wheat chain is named for its appearance similar to that of the tips of wheat stalks. Oval and twisted oval links are twisted together in the same direction to form the wheat chain.

Bead Chain. The bead chain is made from ball-shaped links connected with small breaks between them. Bead chains are generally used for dog tags, keychains, and ornamental jewelry.

Choose The Right Length
When selecting a necklace or pendant, consider that the length will determine where it will lie on her chest.

Pearl Strand Length
16 in. Choker length: Just above collarbones. Emphasizes her neckline.

18 in. Princess length: Hangs over collarbones. The most common length.

24 in. Opera length: Over blouse or dress. A dramatic length.

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