March 01, 2023

Chokers are still the trend in 2023, and the fire reignited in 2022. Jewelry fashion is still hot as ever. It is a chance to chat about this choker trend that people have been raving about. 

The History of Chokers

Almost all jewelry is found to be first introduced during ancient times. Back in the day when Egyptians ruled over their kingdom, we learned fascinating jewelry styles that they either wore for protection or style. We have gotten a lot of jewelry ideas from them.

In history, not only the Egyptians were known for their jewelry, but also those from Sumer between 4500-1900 BC. They are a civilization located in the area of modern-day Iraq. These people created intricate jewelry made from metal and hand-laced beadwork. The Sumerian is famous for the Sumerian choker that was said to be found from one of sixty-eight women and girls laid out in part of a royal tomb dated 2600 – 2500 BC.

Then came the Early Modern Period (1500-1750), when people of the ruling class were fond of portraiture. These served as proof of the love of chokers during their time. The portrait of Elizabeth of York, the first queen of the Tudor reign showed tight-fitting necklaces. Mary Tudor Queen of England and Ireland was also known for wearing chokers of jewels and pearls. Lastly, there’s Anne Boleyn, the queen of England and the second wife of King Henry VIII, known for the ‘B’ necklace, which was a choker bearing an initials pendant.

Ironically, a half-century later, the English used red ribbons as chokers as the French aristocracy did during the French Revolution when they were routinely guillotined. Surprisingly, this became a hit in a way that people overlooked its meaning and only considered it a new fashion statement.

From 1837 to 1901, during the Victorian Era, the jewelry styles of the Royal Family reached and inspired the masses through mass media. They were famous for even controversial styles like the dog collar worn by Alexandra of Denmark because of a slight scar on her neck. It ignited the choker trend again, and people had become more creative in wearing them, pairing them with their tiaras and brooches. Meanwhile, the working and middle-class women made their chokers from velvet ribbons and secured them with a brooch.

Top 5 Choker Styles

Now, let’s get to know the top 5 choker styles that have been popular over time and are found still popular today.

  • Velvet Chokers
  • Velvet chokers were worn through the renaissance period and retained a vibe of pure elegance and dreaminess to whoever wore them. It shows a balance of innocence and alluring at the same time. Black velvet chokers had returned with a bang in the 90s that fitted right into the alley of teenage angst.

    1. Lace Chokers

    It is another vintage style that gives off a vibe of innocence and a clean well-put look on a person. Because of the intricate features of lace, it makes you appear to be delicate and warm-hearted.

    1. Charmed Chokers

    Charmed chokers can both be seen as laid back or casual or for dressier occasions. Your outfit's vibe will be determined by the charm attached to the choker. Charms on chokers were again reignited in the 90s with different cute symbols that came unique to a person’s personality type. It was a way to get to know the person better with their body language and how they dress. Charms on chokers also serve as a great statement piece and a conversation starter. 

    1. Diamond Chokers

    It is for those who feel a bit extra. You are undoubtedly the life of the party. Diamond-encrusted choker chains are popular among hip-hop artists and celebrities, influencing the masses to wear them on the streets. This look is not something for your everyday glam. It is for those big occasions and parties. Diamond-encrusted tennis chainsCuban link chainsFranco Chains, and Gucci link chains have been popular for decades, and their choker versions hit your attention differently. They have their vibe that people get a sense of power. Check out chains from Gold Presidents to get the vibe check that you need this year.

    1. Colorful Beaded Choker

    Summer is upon us again, and colorful choker beads are back again. It is well for those rays of sunshine personalities who want a pop of color in their accessories. It does the trick for your mono-chromatic fits. It would immediately make you have that approachable and fun vibe to other people.

    Ways to Wear A Choker

    Styling a choker is not like every other necklace type. Here are some pointers to know if the choker style is for you. 

    • It is not for those people with rounded facial features. The rounded features should focus more on getting the attention drawn to the roundness of their faces, so longer necklaces lengths are advised. 
    • Layering is a perfect way to style a choker. Layer them with different necklace lengths and different styles and textures to give that good balance to your jewelry. 
    • Follows the rules of fashion and breaks them. Make sure that you don’t pay attention to every little detail of the trend so that you forget your style. By the end of the day, you do, you! So have fun accessorizing. 


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