September 06, 2022

Choosing the perfectgold chains may seem easy if you know your preferences. However, if you do not it can be a bit overwhelming...we're here to help! There is also a chain type to consider beyond materials and pendants.


You can hand-pick from gold chains based on your style and fashion. You won't have any regrets down the road if you are thoroughly oriented! Before visiting your local jewelry store, consider the following chain types:

Anchor Chain / Mariner Chain

Anchor chains are the most traditional and visually appealing option among all necklace chain types, and they may add a strong sense of class and elegance to your looks regardless of the specifics of your attire. Oval links with a vertical bar in the middle make up the chain.

Allgold chain of this kind are in reference to the chains used to fasten an anchor to a boat. The only thing left to do is choose the version of this design that best fits the impression you want to convey. Variations include flat, puffy, delicate, and heavy. Make your design stronger if you like to draw attention to the chain itself.

Ball Chain / Bead Chain

A ball chain or bead chain has several circular beads connected to form a chain. This chain comes in different styles based on the space between each bead and the diameter of the beads. Typically, silver is used to make this chain. 

The bead chain is perhaps the most alluring type of gold chain, particularly in its simplest form as dog tags for males. This chain looks great with pendants like medallions or counterfeit dog tags.Gold Presidents collection provides customized options to suit your preferences and style. The decision is entirely yours! 

Box Chain

These chains are flat against your skin and resemble herringbone because they are formed of blocks rather than circular links. Yet, it has a unique feel, style, and message. Regardless of how you style them, it radiates refinement.

Women can choose between bulkier designs that work well as statement pieces and smaller box links with a pendant. Men prefer heavier chains. However, you can wear whatever jewelry you like, regardless of gender.

Cable Chain

When most people hear the word chain, they immediately think of a cable chain because it is a simple chain style. They have the appearance of iron prisoner shackles or ship anchor chains. Cable chains have round or oval links of the same size and diameter. This link chain appears simple; thus, it pairs with pendants or an item.

Curb Chain 

The curb chain is a traditional and classic style. It is a simple chain composed of links of the same diameter and shape, either oval or round, and joined together before being flattened. They can look weighty, but considering your style, you can wear them with or without a pendant.

A variety of this style of chain is the Cuban link chain, which differs from curb chains in that it contains links that are more closely spaced apart and are typically sturdier.

Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain is another timeless design similar to the treasured and well-known curb chain. After two or three round links are utilized to produce the piece's distinctive and eye-catching pattern, a lengthy oval link is added. The flat link can be worn alone or in combination with a pendant.

Rope Chain

The rope chain is one of the most popular chains in the world. This style of gold chain weaving uses metal links or segments wound around one another to resemble ropes. It refracts light to seem shiny due to its rough exterior and manufacturing twists. Additionally, even if you choose the thinnest chain, it will still last long because it is among the most durable chain types. With or without a pendant, it looks fabulous.

Gucci Chain

You're wrong if you think that it is a Gucci product. The links on the Gucci chain resemble those on an anchor chain, except they are circular rather than oval. Each link also joins another side of a spherical hole with a bar in the center on each end. If you are just getting started or want to add various types of chains to your gold chain collection, check outGold Presidents’ selection of jewelry! 

Herringbone Chain

A herringbone chain has numerous flat, thin metal segments with ends, which interlock to form a fashionable design. This chain seems to be sturdy. There isn't much give or flexibility in it. Still, it maintains its position when worn because of its good balance. Ideal wear for this is as a fashion item worn alone. 

Byzantine Chain

Thisnecklace chain has bent links connected by oval links. It has a distinctive appearance that is attractive when worn by itself. Occasionally referred to as a "4-in-1 chain" since each link travels through four other links.

It is an excellent alternative if you're looking for various jewelry chain links to increase your selection of necklaces. Although it can be robust, pendants don't work well with it. But it could be a little challenging to fix on your own.

It will be hard to break this chain because it is difficult to repair; therefore, getting professional help could be preferable. Other names for this chain include "birdcage," "king's braid," and "idiot's delight." It is a work of art and an excellent addition to your collection.


Final Thoughts

Now that you've read this, you hopefully have a better choice of the type of necklace chain you want to purchase. When choosing the chain, consider what you would like to wear it with and how frequently you'll use it. Just be sure to buy a high-quality one, and then it should outlive you. Gold President's has all of the chains to get you started. 

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