February 06, 2024

21 Savage, Soulja Boy, and Kai Cenat reach out to Adin Ross following Playboi Carti's reported $2 millioncameo on the streamer's live show. The masked Carti appeared on Ross' Kick stream after the 2024 Grammy Awards, receiving a duffel bag filled with cash as a gesture of gratitude from Ross. Despite the significant payment, Carti stayed for only about six minutes, leaving to head to the studio.

During a subsequent live stream, 21 Savage called Ross to inquire about the alleged payment to Playboi Carti. Expressing surprise, 21 Savage questioned why he wasn't compensated similarly, stating, "Why the f*** you ain't pay me, bro? That's crazy, bro." Ross attempted to clarify, mentioning plans to buy cars for 21 Savage, but the rapper persisted, emphasizing the reported $2 million payment for a six-minute appearance.

Amid the conversation between Ross and 21 Savage, the streamer denied directly paying Carti, while 21 Savage maintained that he witnessed a cash exchange. The exchange highlights the dynamics of the rap industry, where financial transactions and appearances on live streams can spark controversy and discussions among artists.

Additionally, streamers Kai Cenat and Soulja Boy called Ross to check on him after the Playboi Carti stream. The phone calls add a layer of camaraderie and concern within the hip-hop community, showcasing the relationships between artists and influencers. The article captures the essence of the live stream event, shedding light on the financial aspects, reactions from artists, and the supportive network within the rap community.

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