February 07, 2024

N.O.R.E., with his extensive experience in the world of Hip Hop, acknowledges the expertise of JAY-Z, particularly when it comes to watches. During a recent appearance on the Wrist Check podcast, dedicated to timepieces, N.O.R.E. shared insights into why he values JAY-Z's guidance on watch selection.

The rapper turned podcaster emphasized that he refrains from buying watches without consulting certain individuals, and JAY-Z tops the list.
“I won’t buy a watch unless I speak to certain people,” he said. “JAY-Z’s top of the list. He does not answer me all the time.”

Despite not always receiving responses from Hova, N.O.R.E. views it as a sign of respect. He believes that if JAY-Z disapproves of a watch, he wouldn't explicitly say, "N.O.R.E., don't do that," given JAY-Z's wealth, intelligence, and sense of style. N.O.R.E. recounted an instance where he acquired the Nautilus and the Aquanaut watches and promptly shared images with JAY-Z. The response he received from the Hip Hop icon was encouraging: "Get both them bitches!"

Seeking JAY-Z's advice on watches is a wise move for N.O.R.E., especially considering the Hip Hop billionaire's notable choice of a $7 million Patek Philippe at Michael Rubin's star-studded Fourth of July party in the Hamptons last summer.

This anecdote sheds light on the camaraderie and mutual respect among artists in the industry, showcasing the influence that seasoned figures like JAY-Z have on their peers. N.O.R.E.'s trust in JAY-Z's taste not only reflects the significance of watches as status symbols in Hip Hop culture but also emphasizes the value of mentorship and guidance within the music community.

As N.O.R.E. continues to navigate the intricate world of timepieces, his reliance on JAY-Z's opinions serves as a testament to the enduring relationships and camaraderie within the realm of Hip Hop, where artists often turn to each other for advice, inspiration, and shared appreciation for luxury.

The dynamic between N.O.R.E. and JAY-Z exemplifies the intricate tapestry of connections within the Hip Hop community, where wisdom is passed down, and mutual respect becomes a cornerstone of the industry's evolution.

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