September 25, 2022

Both men and women enjoy accessorizing with their favorite jewelry designs. However, they inevitably have different perspectives on how jewelry functions.

For any job profession nowadays, jewelry is now a symbol of style and somewhat how you introduce your vibe to other people. However, jewelry care is not a cup of tea for everybody, especially gentlemen. Get to know what commonmistakes men make when wearing their jewelry, and if you happen to be one of the guilty ones out there of these mistakes, we’ll help you correct them.


1. Wearing jewelry is NOT feminine!

Let’s start it strong with this belief. Capital-N and capital-O, NO. Jewelry never had to have a gender. It is what people get wrong ladies are guilty. 

In the modern-day society that we are in, jewelry is considered a work of art that people wear to flaunt, and it is not advertised as something only for women to put on but as something more in general. Although, there are still stereotypical masculine and feminine tastes that we often also acquaint when wearing jewelry. Some styles are less masculine than others; however, it is not true to say that all and only for women.

2. Your skin tone is the key.

Like the color wheel, some jewelry shades don’t go with whatever you wear. It is because the science behind it is your skin tone. Men won’t pay much attention to this detail but trust us, this is worth it, and it makes all the difference. 

Look at your skin under natural light and find a vein you can see. Then, identify the color, whether bluish-purple or green. For blue or purple veins, this means you have a cool tone. White gold platinum or silver jewelry will be your best friend. For greenish-colored looking veins, you have a warm tone, so yellow gold, rose gold, and brass would be the fit for you in terms of jewelry. But if you have a combination of blue, green, and purple in your veins, you have a neutral tone. You’re lucky as white and yellow metals could match you very well. All you got to do now is drop by or check outGold Presidents and upgrade your look!

3. Show some confidence!

Man up! We know you might be scared to put yourself out there, but you'll never know if it suits you best if you don’t start pushing your boundaries and owning up to your style. For the guys only beginning to grow an interest in jewelry, they would not be confident in this style. It’s okay. All you need is some knowledge of jewelry and practice. At least you gave it a shot, but if it does, then you’ll realize why you were scared to try it on in the first place. Cut yourself some slack and just have fun.

4. Don’t overdo it.

If you have problems deciding when wearing jewelry is "too much," think about the golden rule in accessorizing. Your jewelry should be able to enhance, not dominate, your attire. You can be bold with achampionship ring and work through it. The old saying that goes, “jewelry is that last thing that you put on but the first thing that you see,” really explains a lot when you try a new style on how to accessorize. 

5. Metal on metal is vital.

Metals are common ground in men’s jewelry. It is often the go-to jewelry type by most guys, and it’s no surprise if they own a lot of this and wear them all together, which is one of the most common mistakes. Knowing what your metal shades would complement is vital. The same metal shades would lead to an imbalance of your whole fit and are overwhelming. 

Gold matches your othergold accessories; however, be mindful of their matching shades. It is most suitable for earth tones to highlight its shine further. Deep colors like hunter green and deep blue would be excellent options for this.

Silver is elementary to pair as its aspects can go with almost every type of jewelry. Gray or black colors can make it very elegant and classy. 

Wood and leather are two more materials we frequently encounter in men's jewelry. These are earth tones, so it might be tricky to pair them up with other jewelry styles and how your outfits would have to go. For these types of materials, it's best to put just one or two of them in not to look overly rough or too casual.

6. Do an atmosphere check.

It is another vital aspect that men take for granted when accessorizing. Dressing up is not a crime as long as you are on the right occasion, right? Prepare whenever you try new looks when you accessorize. 

In a professional setting like your workplace, there are rules that you signed up for and some unspoken rules here and there. You obviously would not overly accessorize with your gold chains and flashy patterns. 

At funerals, where we pay our respects, we also don’t dress to impress. Stay with your minimal bits of jewelry here that would pair with your black suits. Being subtle is the way to go.

7. Your body knows best.

Do you know your body proportions? For jewelry worn around your head, you should take note of theshape of your face when choosing your jewelry. For rounded features, long necklaces and hoops earrings would be best to remove the attention to the width of your face. Meanwhile, the elongated face should stick to round stud earrings and chokers. 

You don’t just hop into a trend without first considering your body. Remember, everybody has unique aspects that could only apply to yourself so pay close attention to how you are. Embrace it and work your way into highlighting your great features. Avoid these mistakes, and have fun as you experiment with your styles! 


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