September 30, 2022

Giving birth, growing, and carrying a baby requires unimaginable effort. Therefore, when your partner gives birth to what is most certainly the greatest gift of your life, they need a lot of admiration and gratitude. A push present can help in this scenario. We come up with a list of the best push presents for the new mom in your life, including silky robes, warm pajamas, customized lockets, and original artwork.

In appreciation for carrying her child and pushing the baby out, the new mother receives push presents. Giving your partner a push present is your way of thanking them for supporting you throughout the pregnancy and recognizing their transition to motherhood. For years, men have come up with several suggestions for theideal push present for their lovers, but if you're new to this and are struggling to come up with ideas, we've got you covered. The best option is always to wear jewelry. Although it is the safest choice, you may simply make this the gift they will remember the most for you.

This guide can help you choose the rightjewelry gift for a new mom.

Necklace and Pendants

Name Necklace


A name necklace makes the ideal present for your wife if you want to keep things simple and intimate. If you like to give her a memorable moment, you can write their name or perhaps the word "mother" right there. As a tribute to the significant occasion, you may also use the baby's name or birthdate in roman numerals.

Initial Necklace

The initial pendant is for you for a more simple and subtle style. You can put the initial letter of hers or the baby’s name. You can get your pendant in solid gold or iced with diamonds along with the chain of your choice. The best way to keep the memories of childbirth close to her heart would be with a princess-length chain that fell just below her collarbone. It is too adorable to pass up as a push present.


Diamond/Gold Band

Another piece of jewelry that works well for old looks is a band bracelet. To make it more unique and unforgettable, you might choose to ice it, add the baby's birthstones, or engrave it with words or names. It simultaneously has a classy, whimsical, and unique appearance. Get your wife to fall in love with you all over again by purchasing aGold Presidents' push present, where there are many options.

Lock Bracelet

How cute is this lock bracelet that would often remind your partner to lock in the core memory of childbirth? It can work with any outfit, so it would be perfect for new moms who will be busy taking care of their babies and not have time to pick out accessories. You can also give them a chain bracelet where they can attach different charms that would remind them of their journey during pregnancy.


Diamond or Birthstone Stud Earrings


Investing extra on stud earrings over hanging earrings is highly advised for moms, especially new ones because as the baby grows, they become more curious and tend to tug and pull everything in sight. Therefore, stud earrings make thoughtful and practical presents.

Although birthstones can also be used as a gem in earrings if you want to give a meaningful gift, diamonds are frequently the most popular choice for push presents.


Gold Hoop Earrings

Like stud earrings, it’s best to keep your jewelry short and out of reach for safety and comfort. Gifting this type of jewelry can allow your wife to wear it every day with ease on a busy day at home watching the kids. It’s chic and very comfortable to wear.


Bezel Set Ring

With the safe setting, the new mother may take care of her baby while doing all other chores without worrying that the ring will become tangled up or otherwise harmed. This ring setting is perfect for outdoorsy people, so it should be perfect for new moms!

Stackable Rings

It is another popular option for a push present over the years. One of the reasons for this is that it has a wide variety of designs that could suit any budget and style you please. It’s not only stylish but easy to wear with your wedding bands, so its practicality and chic vibe are like hitting two birds with one stone.

Remember, it is crucial to order the gift before the time you plan to give it. It also applies to custom-made gifts like jewelry embellished with a particular gemstone or engraved with text. The kid could arrive earlier than expected, so it would pay to be ready. It would take a little longer to complete.

When they have a kid, some people choose to save the push presents they received and pass them on to their offspring as a kind of family heritage. Make sure you get your lady a push present because they can be highly memorable, no matter the price! 

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