February 08, 2023

Are you still hung up on the trends we had this year? Or are you excited about what the next year has for us? If you are reading this in 2023, you might be in the mall trying to decide which style to buy and how to accessorize them. We got you! We’ll gladly share a glimpse of what styles we will have in 2023 to help you with your next jewelry purchase.

Gold Chunks

You heard us right. Chunkygold jewelry is coming with us in 2023! People loved this so much in 2022 that they can’t just discard it so easily next year. If you have them, keep them on for much longer, but if not yet, you might want to get a hold of a chunky chain, or a chunky bracelet in gold. It goes well as a statement piece with any dull outfit. Being out of style next year is simply not an option.

Chain Stacking

Gold chunks are for a single statement piece. What about your thinner jewelry then? Are they out of luck this year? No ma’am!Chain stacking is still in, so make sure the stacking techniques you used in 2022 are in check for the new year outfit inspo you got saved. 

Colored Gems

Colors are about to be big in 2023. If you think that the colors of the summer last year were a good take into the ‘80s again, people believe that we are about a level higher this year. We are about to see more colorful gems as charms and centerpieces in jewelry. 

Flat Backs

Here’s something interesting. Flat-back earrings seem very specific, does it not? Jewelry trends are often driven by celebrity influence, while this is rooted purely in consumer preference.

People are looking into comfort as a priority in 2023, not solely on styles that come in. Flat-back earrings are unlike traditional earrings that can get uncomfortable when you lay down on your back. It can hurt your ears. Also, this frees up time to take them off for bed and put them back on when you wake up.

Funky Pearls

Pearls have also taken their stand in the trends, favored until next year. Although, according to experts, they will not be ordinary pearls like how they traditionally are made funkier in 2023.

Pearls have been a favored piece of jewelry for dressy occasions or for evening parties; however, as time and trends shift, pearls have become more laid back and casual making them fit for an everyday look. They have become very versatile, like gold and silver.

Cuff ‘em

Cuffs are a great way to get yourself a statement piece that is subtle yet stunning for other people to compliment. Cuffs are a very simple form of jewelry that can easily elevate a look. Since they are adjustable, they can be worn on your wrists or raised above your elbows higher up your arms to emphasize your sleeveless dress. It is a chic and elegant touch for your outfits next year. 

Silver Splendor

Since winter, jewelry trendsilver has been a favored metal type. Its versatile nature and cold hue can outshine gold in 2023. Silver hoops and bangles are already seen being worn by many by the end of 2022, and we can see more of this in 2023.

Bead necklaces

Bead necklaces are sure to run their trend next year. People anticipate seeing them layered in different necklace lengths next year. Boho is a style theorized to be seen next year, and bead necklaces are the perfect way to portray this. There is a hint of the Y2K fashion worn by some Gen-Zers in this style, which is a throwback to the '80s.


Sister to cuffs, bangles will be back in business next year, whether stacked or used as a single statement piece of jewelry. It is a fun ‘80s look again that we will be seeing next year, along with other flashback jewelry from the ‘80s that jewelers anticipate on. You probably already have some bangles stored from the past, or you had last year. From geometric shapes, printed patterns, and clear acrylics.

Have a happy new year, everyone! 

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