February 06, 2023

It’s a wrap! Another year has come and gone. It was as if we just blinked, and the year flashed before our eyes. 

Everyone might already be excited about what 2023 has in store for us, but some are still hanging over on the trends that have been quite popular this year. This year we are loving the nostalgic feel of the 90s. This year’s trends radiated this feeling so much that we went back in time for most of the trends in 2022.

Now, let’s take you back on a quick trip to memory lane on 2022 jewelry trends.


Jewelry trend in spring showed flowers how to bloom. 

Gold Chains

Gold chains go a long way back in time. We never get tired of this style, no matter what trend we popularize. We went over and under when it came to gold chains. You name any gold chain type we might have already done it. We went for thin, thick, insanely thick, blinged-out, and stacks. 

Chunky Chokers

Men and women both share their interests inchokers this year from the start to the end. We have put a lot of attention to our neckline with statement chokers to lift the vibe of our outfits this year. We have eased out of the traditional choker styles of thin and thick chains. We have leveled up the thickness to the extremes. On the spring collection runway, we saw a lot of large Cuban links and ball chains almost the same size as your fist. 

Maximalist Style

Now it’s not just chokers, it's earrings and other accessories too! Everything is extra-large

this season. It’s all about being bold and making noise with your jewelry. People had fun with this trend in spring that they brought with them until summer (we’ll get into more detail on that later). This style worked best with people who usually wore neutral-colored clothes. Giving an accent piece of jewelry to a dull outfit makes a difference. 

Earthy Elements

Earthy elements incorporated in jewelry are also very popular for this season. Gemstones like turquoise and agate are the main attraction on runways. The shade of blue and hints of green in the turquoise can balance off a look in any dull-looking outfit. This is a loved color for springtime. We saw this as charms in chokers and bracelets and even raw stones in rings. Its light does not bounce off light like crystals but its playful colors did quite the impression.

Signet Rings

With newer takes on this classic ring style, how are we ever going to move on from it? We say never. We can’t stop loving the signet ring that we brought it back again this season. Loved by all genders this classic style was made to fit a lot of wardrobe styles that can be worn every day. We have seen it in plain metal-shaped rings, embellished by zodiac signs and flowers, and encrusted with diamonds.

Candy-Colored Jewels

These candy-colored accessories healed the inner child in us this year. As the season is slowly changing over the summertime, we have seen more and more colorful pieces that would fit perfectly worn under the sun at the beach. We saw lollipop earrings, chocolate rock-shaped beads as chokers in rainbow colors, daisies, and sunflower pendants. With different materials and shapes that accessories were created in, it boosted the wild summer vibe leaving the calmness of spring. 


Pearls or Pearlcore is a trend that people obsess over pearls. People have been surging about this trend during the transition of seasons from spring to summer. Pearl long necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and earrings wear all that people wore. Its clean and classic look gives off elegance and a level of calm to an outfit. It’s a great way to express the vibe of spring. 


Summer 2022 gave us colorful and detailed jewelry like no other. Spring was fun, but summer leveled its game well enough for the creative people.

Colored Gemstones

This spring trend crept into summer as most expected. Its color and youthful hues were a crowd favorite on the runway and in the streets. We saw solid colors of agate and turquoise in spring but in summer we incorporated colored crystals as well. 


This season, we brought the butterflies from spring and into the summer sun. It is a girly and cute symbol that the ladies are raging over. We saw this in dangly and stud earrings, as necklace and bracelet charms, and embedded in rings. Using gold or silver metals that sparkle under the summer sun. It gives the game to your usual casual wear. 

Baguette Rings

Baguette-cut diamonds are getting quite the recognition again. A baguette ring is a perfect way to flaunt its continuous shine. Some people prefer white diamonds while others would go with colored gems to make the outfits livelier for the summer. 

Big Pendants

Oversized pendants are quite the thing after the summer fashion shows ended and people continue to model them on the streets. They are set as a good centerpiece on chokers and other necklace lengths. Made from different materials if it gave color to your summer outfit it would do the trick.


Barbiecore is hailed as the Gen-Z trend of the summer that is very much ahead of its time considering that the Barbie movie is yet to be released in 2023. We painted the streetspink with this trend. Not just any shade of pink but hot pink. Every single piece of jewelry material in pink went back into style because of this trend. Also, this is loved by both men and women.


jewelry trends got people falling head over heels for the styles they brought to the table. Here are some of them.



As the arm cady of fall, bangles have gotten quite popular this season. Going to the extreme to stack them up is a bold move but it surely does the eye-catching easily. With the right materials and colors on each bangle, you can stack them up perfectly with your fall-season outfits.

More Chains

Again, chains like the Cuban link, rope, ball, and all the other chains are still much loved in the fall season. We saw how people mix and match them in their coats and cardigans. The gold chains have that warm hue that is a perfect vibe for the falling dead leaves of autumn. 


Pearl is also seen in the fall season, similar to the earlier spring season. With its sophisticated and elegant feel, people can’t get enough of it and surprisingly wore more of it this season.


If you thoughtflowers were supposed to be dying in the fall, think again. This season we are reviving and putting life back into these flowers and adding them to our accessories. We used them as brooches, earrings, and charms a lot this season. Because it is autumn, we have incorporated warm tones for these flowers using gold and oxidized metals to make them look vintages. 


Alt-girl or alternative girl fashion is a trend like Barbiecore that has all pink in them, this one has a prominent black color. We saw a lot of white metals used in this trend like white gold and silver. A lot of layering of different necklace lengths is seen in this trend, like modern goth girls. 


The cold months that we are still on it again took us back to memory lane to be able to reminisce the old styles and incorporate them with modern fashion. Winter jewelry is comprised of sparkle and the spirit of the holiday season. 



With all the winter wonderland-themed parties people will be attending this holiday season, silver along with other white-colored metals is at the top of the winter season jewelry trend. Since this has a cold hue, it fits with the seasonal spirit and all the holiday colors like green and red. 

Diamond Encrusted

A blinged-out jewelry piece could exactly be that extra sparkle that you need. This suite is best for the more formal occasions that people are attending. Nothing beats diamonds to copy snow and make other people see the cheerful holiday vibe that an outfit can bring with this accessory. 

Wrist Stacking

Stacking jewelry is favored this year by all genders. It can elevate the look of simple jewelry pieces. A good stack on your wrist levels up the game of your accessories. A simple and casual outfit can make you look like you’re walking on the runway with proper stacking techniques.


Chokers reached to be at the top of the trends by the end of the year so people might be more curious if they are to appear more next year. Chokers with different sizes, big and small, and stacked and used as one statement piece are loved by everyone this holiday season which goes well with their warm coats and holiday dresses. 

Are you ready for what 2023 trends yet? 

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