January 23, 2024

Adin Ross Birthday Surprise for iShowSpeed - Must Watch!

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed was in for an extraordinary birthday surprise during a live stream when fellow content creator Adin Ross presented him with a lavish $120,000 Jacob & Co watch inspired by none other than soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Known for his exuberant content and his unabashed admiration for Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, IShowSpeed has risen to become one of YouTube's most prominent and entertaining streamers globally. His wild antics and infectious enthusiasm have garnered him a massive following, and his love for Ronaldo is a well-documented part of his persona.

The special moment unfolded during a live stream on January 21, where IShowSpeed was joined by fellow streamers Adin Ross and Kai Cenat to celebrate his birthday. Among the various birthday gifts, it was Adin's present that unquestionably stole the spotlight.

Presented with a black box adorned with CR7 branding, IShowSpeed was initially befuddled by the cryptic packaging. However, as he struggled to unveil the contents, the realization dawned on him, and his reaction was nothing short of pure joy and disbelief.

"Oh my fking god, it's the Ronaldo watch! It's the Ronaldo watch," he exclaimed, overwhelmed with gratitude towards Adin. The sheer excitement and appreciation in IShowSpeed's voice were palpable as he repeated, "It's the $100k Ronaldo watch. Oh my fking god, I love you, bro. Oh my f**king god."


The Jacob & Co watch, valued at an impressive $120,000, boasts a face adorned with Cristiano Ronaldo donning his iconic number 7 jersey. The intricate design includes Ronaldo's signature and CR7 logo engraved on the watch face. Adding to its opulence, the footballer's gold-printed image graces the caseback's tainted sapphire crystal.

The occasion did not end with the live stream, as IShowSpeed proudly showcased his exquisite birthday gift across various social media platforms, letting his fans share in the excitement.

This heartwarming birthday surprise not only underscores the camaraderie among YouTube creators but also highlights the generosity and positive connections within the online content creation community. It serves as a testament to the power of friendships formed in the digital realm, where creators celebrate each other's milestones and accomplishments.

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