January 23, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Drake faced a substantial financial setback, losing a staggering $700,000 in a bet as Dricus du Plessis secured victory over Sean Strickland through a split decision at UFC 297. The intense middleweight title clash in Toronto ended with du Plessis claiming the title after a bloody and closely contested match, making it the fourth middleweight title fight to witness a change in hands.

The fight could have swung in favor of the defending champion, adding to the suspense of the bout. Drake had placed his bet anticipating Strickland's successful defense, potentially winning him a substantial $1.4 million. However, fate took a different turn, leaving Drake with a significant financial loss.

This marked the second consecutive instance where Strickland's performance resulted in financial disappointment for Drake. Previously, he lost $500,000 when Strickland surprised the audience with a victory over Israel Adesanya at UFC 293. Had Adesanya emerged victorious, Drake stood to win a considerable $920,000. Strickland's unexpected triumph in what many deemed the greatest upset in UFC middleweight history added another layer to Drake's betting woes.

Beyond the realm of UFC losses, Drake has been engaging in viral trends, showcasing a more personal side. Recently, he contributed to the popular "tripod bro" videos, offering fans a vlog that delves into his nighttime routine. The video features Drake concocting a drink, appreciating art, enjoying the hookah, and taking a nighttime swim. The entire setting is characterized by neon aesthetics, providing a unique glimpse into his home. Notably, the video is accompanied by the track "Virginia Beach," from his 2023 album, For All The Dogs.

The "tripod bro" trend has gained traction among male lifestyle vloggers, presenting a "day in the life" style content that resonates with a wide audience. Drake's participation in such trends showcases his diverse interests beyond the music and entertainment realms, offering fans a more intimate view of his daily life.

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