November 12, 2023

On November 11, TMZ reported that Birdman and his associates confronted Druski and his team at a Los Angeles recording studio. The video footage reveals a brief exchange of words before one of Birdman's associates forcefully takes Druski's chain, causing him to tumble down a flight of stairs. Subsequently, Druski and his friends hastily flee from Birdman's entourage.



Before the video surfaced, Birdman had shared a photo on his Instagram Story holding Druski's chain, accompanied by a caption that read, "Surprise Party B*tch Slippin In Studio Richgang."



While the recent incident suggests a strained relationship, Birdman and Druski appeared amicable a few months ago. In a July 6 Instagram Live session, Birdman inquired about Druski's fictional record label, Coulda Been Records, drawing inspiration from Birdman's co-founded Cash Money Records.

During their conversation, Birdman proposed a merger between Coulda Been Records and Cash Money Records. However, Druski expressed skepticism, leading to Birdman abruptly ending the call, leaving Druski speechless.

As the feud continues to unfold, the dynamics between Birdman and Druski raise questions about the authenticity of their interactions and whether the recent incident is part of a larger narrative or a genuine conflict.

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