November 08, 2023

Fresh from the launch of his latest album "For All the Dogs," Drake is commemorating the occasion with a lavish gift to himself, a bespoke chain adorned with diamond-studded dog bones.

Taking to Instagram, Lebanese jeweler Nadine Ghosn proudly introduced her latest creation for the rap icon. The necklace is a masterpiece, featuring meticulously crafted dog bones encrusted with 18-carat gold. Adorned with a striking array of 50 carats of pristine white diamonds and an additional six carats of elegant pink diamonds, this piece is nothing short of spectacular.

Ghosn fittingly captioned her Instagram post: "Custom for the one and only @champagnepapi."


This remarkable jewelry piece follows closely on the heels of the "8AM in Charlotte" rapper's recent Instagram reveal of another stunning chain.

Named the "Crown Jewel of Toronto," this creation showcases a meticulously crafted diamond-encrusted rendition of Toronto's iconic CN Tower. This tower holds special significance, as it graced the cover of Drake's acclaimed 2016 album "Views." The intricate design pays homage to the city's sports teams, featuring a detailed raptor dinosaur and a blue jay bird wielding a baseball bat. The piece is further embellished with a smaller pendant depicting the Maple Leafs symbol, concealing a hidden key within.

Drake's taste for exceptional jewelry continues to be a testament to his larger-than-life persona and his unyielding passion for artistry and opulence.

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