November 05, 2023

After careful deliberation, Nipsey Hussle's estate has reached an equitable resolution. His net worth of $11.3 million will be divided evenly between his beloved children, Kross and Emani.

Court records obtained by Radar Online lay out the comprehensive estate report, submitted by Sam Asghedom (Blacc Sam), entrusted with the responsibility of managing Nipsey Hussle's affairs since his tragic passing in March 2019.

As the sole heirs, Kross (from Nipsey's union with Lauren London) and Emani (daughter of Nipsey and his ex, Tanisha Foster) will each receive an equal portion of the $11.3 million, with Lauren receiving Kross's share. This encompasses half of the funds in the late rapper's bank accounts and a 50 percent stake in his ventures, including the revered Marathon clothing line.

Blacc Sam, having gained guardianship due to Foster's legal status, will oversee Emani's portion. He successfully petitioned the court, ensuring her well-being.

Earlier this year, Blacc Sam disclosed that both Kross and Emani held ownership stakes in the physical Marathon store. This strategic move was designed to secure a prosperous future for Nipsey's offspring and instill a sense of ownership.

He emphasized the significance of real estate ownership, especially within the unpredictable landscape of business. “When I say we own it, it’s in Hussle’s kids’ names,” he said. “This is something their father worked for, and that they own, and that’s important to me. Also, just having a brick and mortar, once again reinforced what Hussle told us, and taught us.”
he emphasized.

Sam continued, underlining the enduring value of passing down tangible assets within the family, regardless of online successes in the ever-changing business realm. This legacy-building process was a cherished aspect of Nipsey's teachings.

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