November 03, 2023

Recently, Chrisean Rock and Lil Mabu received exciting news as their song soared to the number one spot on the newly established Billboard TikTok Songs chart. This chart, introduced earlier this year, monitors the most trending songs on the popular social media platform. Known for its dynamic nature, this chart provided the perfect platform for "MR. TAKE YA B*TCH" to claim the top position.

During the same event, Chrisean Rock made a surprising move by gifting away a pendant she had received from Blueface to a random stranger. In a candid tweet, she expressed, "I gave a random a*s b*tch my blueface pendant in the bathroom ion wan wear dhat sh*t no more," shedding light on the spontaneous act.



Adding to the buzz, Chrisean Rock and Blueface were both spotted at a party hosted by Yung Miami earlier in the week. However, Rock's presence wasn't merely for leisure; she also took the stage to perform. A clip of her performance garnered attention on social media, featuring her latest release in collaboration with Lil Mabu, "MR. TAKE YA B*TCH." This track showcases her joining forces with her new partner while addressing her former flame, Blueface.

What further heightened the surprise was Blueface's presence at the event. One video captioned, "mind you he in here. love this for her," captured the moment. While this move might come across as bold and even a bit cold, some fans expressed skepticism, suggesting that their apparent conflict might be more orchestrated than genuine. Others noted Rock's own admission that she isn't reaping financial gains from the song.

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