November 04, 2023

Gucci Mane made quite the statement with his extravagant display of diamonds at his album release event this week.

The renowned American rapper adorned himself with a custom-made wristwatch, flaunting two immense diamond rings, complemented by an array of sparkling bracelets and chains as he took the stage to perform "Breath of Fresh Air" at Atlanta's Tabernacle on a Tuesday night.

This lavish jewelry ensemble stood out brilliantly against Mane's all-black ensemble, featuring a Givenchy balaclava ($455), paired with matching Rick Owens Shield Sunglasses ($680) and Cargobasket boots ($1,300). The vibrant stage lighting further accentuated the radiance of each piece, captivating the audience's attention.



The spotlight, however, was firmly on the wristwear. It appeared to be the unique creation that Mane first introduced on Instagram back in 2020. In the video, he asserted that he personally crafted the watch, valuing it at an impressive $5 million (though, it's worth noting the term "claims"). Adorned with an abundance of diamonds, the timepiece bears a striking resemblance to Jacob & Co.'s latest Billionaire III, albeit without a skeleton dial.

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