November 18, 2022

Do you prefer functionality over fashion? Then, you might be a watch person. You usually prefer something of use rather than just using it to flex or how it helps with your appearance. It’s good to note that people now have been very creative with creating watches that they have already considered this as a form of jewelry.

Buying a watch is not simple as you think. It’s not just about being able to tell you the time. Since various styles have been created throughout the year, it could get as overwhelming as you choosing your jewelry to add to the collection. So, let’s guide you intobuying a watch suited to your needs and style. 

Types of Watches

There are manywatch types up-to-date; however, they can be easily divided into three parts – by movement, function, and style.

Watches by Movement

Movement-type watches are the classic type that shows the movement of the watch as it changes time. 

Automatic. This is self-winding, hence, the word “automatic.” It captures the movement of your wrist and uses it to power the mechanism; therefore, no battery is needed for this one, and very little maintenance is required.

Mechanical. This type of watch does not require batteries as well but rather periodical hand-winding to be able to operate. Compared to other movement types of watches, these have a higher price because of the intricate features that make the device work.

Quartz. Quartz watches are one of the most popular and affordable watches that run on a battery function that needs replacement after 2-3 years. 

Solar. Solar energy is a renewable energy that a solar watch uses. It means that it is rechargeable by light. Not only sunlight but any kind of light as long as it is strong enough to power it up. There is no need for batteries anymore that can harm the environment. The downside is that it can be a bit more expensive than regular watches.

Kinetic. It has the same concept as the solar watch. However, it works with kinetic energy, or the energy you can produce when you move your wrist. Recharging means you have to continuously wear it, which is a downside feature compared to the solar watch that you can leave by the light to charge.

Watches by Function

Style watches are the upgrade to the movement watches as other features are added to the watch more than just showing time. 

Analogue Watch. Ananalog watch is the traditional type of watch that you see. It has the three-hand movement for the hour, the minute, and the second hand. Sometimes this can also tell you the date and day of the week. They are the classic watch used on dressy occasions because of their elegant feel.

Digital. It is very popular with the younger generation and other people who want to see the time with more precise accuracy. Usually, this is bundled with other different functions like a timer, a stopwatch, an alarm, and a calendar.

Hybrid. It is a combination of the analog and the digital watch. It could have the three-hand movement of the analog and a digital display under the hands. It has that sporty appeal but won’t go with a formal wardrobe. 

Chronograph. This watch features additional sub-dials. This sub-dial features a tachymeter, an alternative time zone, and stopwatches.

Touchscreen. A touchscreen watch has been the hype for a few years now. It can be customized like the wallpaper on your phone, showing more features than just the time. And just like your phone, this needs to be charged every few days and is more expensive than a digital watch.

Watches by Style

This group of watches below is styled for specific people with specific features needed on their watches. If you are one of them, like theGold President’s watch collection, these would be perfect for you to style.

Aviator. These are a group of watch styles developed for the use of pilots. Aviators are known to be exposed to harsh environments, thus, designed to be versatile and durable.

Military. Like the aviator watches, this one is designed for military and law enforcement agencies. Additional features that make it durable are a compass and waterproofing.

Racing.This watch is for different types of races. It performs with the precision and accuracy needed for tracking speed and distance. 

Diver’s Watch. Like how divers dive, this watch is the type best suited for them since it is water-resistant. 

When purchasing a watch…

Now you know the types of watches that are out there. Now, you should aim to choose your style out of them. Here are some of the things you should consider before your next purchase. 

  1. Make a target budget.

Good brands mean higher costs, unfortunately. But this does not apply to other brands out there. So, make sure you have your budget in check before you go on to choose the styles that you like. With good research, you can get the style and function of a watch you want and ensure that it’s within the budget.

  1. Do your research.

A wise shopper would go the extra mile researching the right brand for them first before doing their shopping spree. Also, this helps with narrowing down the array of choices that would be overwhelming for any person. Two different brands may have identical watches being sold, so you should look into the materials, length of the manufacturer, and brand heritage. Considering that we are now in a modern age where information is easily accessible, it would be a waste to do a quick run of what you plan on buying.

  1. Lifestyle check.

Do you live a fast and active lifestyle or a slow and calm one? This one is important to take note of because it is crucial to the specs you want for your watch. If you have an active lifestyle, are outdoorsy, and live adventurously in general, then a military watch would be your best choice.

  1. Would it suit your wrist?

Even though a watch targets people because each of us has unique features, one should pay attention to them to highlight their features and find the perfect fit of a watch on their wrist. For a thick wrist, you should opt for a large watch to balance the size. If you opt for a small watch, it would emphasize more on your wrist being thick or maybe even thicker than usual. 

  1. Is it for an investment?

Some people invest in jewelry and watches. To invest in watches, you need to ensure you follow rules like being insured. Any top-tier brand watch’s value goes up if well-cared for. Ensure you buy from a trusted buyer to ensure the product’s quality. If you wish to trade your watch one day, keep the box and the receipt to keep the watch's price.

For a beginner in the wrist game, you’re all set with the things you need to know for your next purchase. Now, you’re on your own.

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