November 17, 2022

It might be controversial to talk about the importance of jewelry, considering that it has been used for centuries already. And as time passed, people would always take it with them to create new styles for the next generation. Throughout the years, jewelry has been used by women in ways not solely to highlight beauty. It has reached a point where you can know a person based on the jewelry style they wear.

Women are emotional beings – some even more so than others. Jewelry is one of those things that hit the sweet spot and trigger their emotions like love at first sight. 

So, if you are a boyfriend, a husband, or a father, you better listen up because you might need this information when you plan to buy your girl jewelry. Let us get over each of the reasons why jewelry is essential to women.

It’s a part of their culture.

Indian womenfollow a tradition in which jewelry plays an important role. Not only is it used to help enhance beauty, but it also plays a symbolic role. These are seen in weddings worn by the bride, which means being a part of her husband’s extended family. Aside from bridal jewelry, they are used to ask for protection and blessings from the gods and goddesses of Hinduism.

Different jewelry material for them also has a meaning;

  • Gold – This is seen almost on all of their jewelry. It symbolizes purity and is believed to have the power of purity on anything it touches. It is also a symbol of power and wealth, also believed by the Chinese.
  • Silver – It is correlated to the moon, which symbolizes femininity and motherhood. It is believed to ward off negativity and improve your dreams.
  • Copper – This metal was their symbol of love and peace. It is also linked to fertility and money. The warm-colored metal was believed to help with rapport with others.
  • Platinum – This is an expensive type of metal in jewelry making. It is used often for its hypoallergenic nature that is safe for sensitivity.
  • Diamond – This crystal symbolizes purity, innocence, and love. They believed the stone to possess supernatural powers that lead people to success.

It can be a good investment.

For modern-day women, who are much smarter with their purchases, a piece that only makes them beautiful does not cut it anymore. It has to have an additional factor to it. If you can use this to keepsake your money as a form of investment, then it is a perfect piece to add to the collection. A jewelry collection that can hold its value indefinitely can be a security fund. However, this is not that simple. There are factors that you should know when you try toinvest in jewelry. It can cost from a hundred to thousands of dollars in price. 

Jewelry that contains platinum and diamonds is the most expensive.Diamonds and gold jewelry are popular investment jewelry materials that you can opt to use. Diamonds have been pursued for centuries and are always in high demand, despite the fluctuations in the economy.

Gold has yellow, white, and rose that you can choose from. Gold is a precious metal that can be formed into any type of jewelry. Other people treat gold as a type of currency, as it remains stable, unlike the dollar, which fluctuates depending on the economy.

Silver, on the other hand, is the option for sleek appearance jewelry that won’t break the bank.

It gives them confidence.

Jewelry, by no doubt, is the perfect cherry on top of the cake. It completes a woman’s whole outfit highlighting their features and personality, considering that they put on the right jewelry for the right occasion. Praises passed on a fit they worked putting on for hours make all the difference. That is why jewelry plays a big role to make a woman feel good in her own skin. Grab your jewelry gifts atGold Presidents and celebrate the value of your lady.

It has sentimental-value

It’s an extra point to know that you give jewelry to a girl that likes jewelry, especially if she did not ask you for one. As we said, women are emotional beings. A gift that would spark their memory when they use it. Sentimental value is worth a lot more than the monetary value women get on presents. 

So, to add more to the sentimentality that women love. Create a moment when you give the jewelry piece to her. Surprise her. Jewelry is better when presented wrapped as a present than just handing it over to her directly bought from the store.

It offers a sense of reward

Women don’t wait for anyone to buy them jewelry anymore. They buy jewelry themselves. Our independent ladies treat this like a trophy they get at the end of a finish line. It makes her feel better about her financial achievements. It might be a year-ender gift to pamper themselves once in a while. It serves as a reminder that they finally overcame the most challenging part that everyone can probably relate. It is the pat on their back, only shinier and more expensive.

Now go and get your girl some bling and make it memorable! 

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