October 26, 2022

This blog is for all the fur mommas/papas out there, and dog lovers in general. In this generation, we treat dogs as not just guardians of the house anymore but a part of the family. Dogs are sometimes the most loved babies in the household.

Since their life is much shorter than ours, it is our job to make the most of it with them. Like how a parent feels for their child, you want to give them the world. We treat them like royalty, so they should be able to look the part, right?

Let us learn about the different jewelry types available to our fur babies. 

Safety First

Hold your horses! Before you go all giddy with what you can do to up your dog’s fashion sense, safety comes first. The secret is to put their comfort first for pets who still need some time to adjust to accessories.

Just being fashionable does not always work for many. However, being both stylish and comfortable does. Here are the things you should take note of when buying dog products.

  • Ensure that the things you purchase are made of non-toxic materials in case your dog chews on, swallows, or damages them.
  • Products withZinc, Lead, Cadmium, and Nickel are harmful to your dogs.
  • Know whether you haveskin-sensitive pets so you can avoid products that can cause them harm. 

Knowing about potentially dangerous items for your pet is very crucial. If you think your pet has eaten something potentially harmful, contact your veterinarian ASAP!

Chains and Necklaces

Collars are accessories to hold your dog’s tags if they get lost and hook their leash for their walks. They are often used in training to guide the dog on where and what to do. 

Dog necklaces are here! They have been in trend for dogs rather than the old collars for some time now. Let’s go over the types of necklaces you can let your fur babies wear. 

Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are a cute and classy aesthetic for your dogs. For small dogs, a choker would be best suitable for them. Meanwhile, for trained bigger pets, you can grab one of those long pearl necklaces and wrap them around their necks 2 or 3 times.

Although this is not advisable for everyday wear, it is used for special occasions or if you want to dress your dog up for Halloween as an elite from the renaissance era. That would be quite a look!

Gold Chains

There are a lot of gold chain collars made for dogs that you shouldn’t miss. Below are the most popular ones that are getting a lot of hype.

Aplastic gold chain for dogs is often used as a one-off costume for some photos this Halloween season but is not good daily wear.

Martingale Gold Chain Collar is the perfect option for dogs rather than choker chains. This one is much more comfortable and made with metal links, fiber links, or a combination of both.

Furthermore, you and your dog can match on theCuban Link Dog Chain. Get yourCuban Link Chains atGold Presidents and match your dog’s vibe! 

This style on Pitbulls, Bulldogs, and other big dogs has become popular. Smaller-sized dogs are hopping on the trend with smaller versions of link chains. Designers created the perfect version of this chain safe for dogs.

Bracelets And Anklets


You read it, right folks! Even pets can have their arm candy moment that your other pets would be jealous of. Get bracelets and anklets to complete the set of jewelry your dog puts on.

A bracelet is perfect for the holiday season or maybe just a date to the dog park for her to show some sparkle. They can either be clip-on or slipped into them to highlight their chubby little toes.



You might ask yourself if dogs can own a pair. The answer is, of course, they can. You can have them pierced in grooming boutiques, use clip-on earrings, or use non-toxic and non-latex glue. You can use this glue to stick crystal stud-like earrings to your dog’s ears. It can keep them in place for at least three weeks. You can easily remove them with baby oil after.


If you still have not seen Beverly Hills Chihuahuas, you’re missing out on outfit ideas for your dog! You treat your dog like royalty, so you might as well add a tiara to the collection, right?

We have already seen dogs with various hats. Getting them a tiara will not be surprising. Some tiaras have hidden clip-on as well that you can clip off their fur to keep them in place. It's the perfect jewelry for the canine princess that she is.  

Hygiene Check

Like how people are before they go and flaunt their jewelry outside, they clean themselves first. That's considered a plus to your look. The same way goes for dogs.

Make sure that they are groomed well before any special occasion. Use proper and safe shampoo and conditioner for dogs, and have their hair cut the right length, their nails trimmed, and their teeth brushed. Keeping all harnesses and leashes clean is a must.

You can now put on those jewels and get their tails wagging with delight! Have fun styling fur moms and dads!


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