November 02, 2022

Doesn’t it feel great to have a jewelry collection you’ve always dreamed of having? But picture this, being able to raise your kid or a younger sibling into your mini-me and start styling them with their jewelry collection. Cute, right?

Kids are known to imitate grown-ups when they reach a certain age, so if you are always around one and a jewelry enthusiast, don’t be surprised to have a kid interested in jewelry too.

Remember, they’re still kids. They don’t need so much jewelry on to look cute. They’re attractive enough, no doubt about that. Make sure you keep things sweet and simple. Find a middle ground between what they want and what jewelry is age-appropriate for them as they followjewelry trends.

Keep scrolling as we guide you into knowing the best jewelry for kids.


When selecting jewelry for kids, since necklaces are the first thing people can notice on them, we would opt for that. However, what would be the most appropriate age for a kid to wear a necklace? Some say that ages 12-14 years, old young teens, are the best to wear them since they know the basics to take care of the jewelry. However, we see 3-5 years old preschoolers wear them nowadays as well. 

Here are a variety of necklace types that you can put on your children.

1. Metal Necklaces

This type of necklace is tricky for children. Adults must read into them properly ascostume jewelry has pros and cons to a child’s safety.

Lead, Chromium, cadmium, and nickel are harmful to the little ones that love to suck on objects. Be highly on alert for metal alloys with these for children not in their young teen years yet. Also, hypoallergenic metal jewelry would be the best option. 

There are a lot ofchain styles that you can choose from, but you could consider shorter or choker-style necklaces for their kids. The long necklaces that you wrap around their necks can be a risk for choking and strangulation.

2. Name pendant necklaces

It is a popular gift for kids that they can wear until their teenage years. Jewelers likeGold Presidents are famous for customizingname pendants in different styles that would suit any preferred style.

3.Bead necklaces in different colors 

A kid’s jewelry collection would not be complete without the colors of the rainbow present. There is a comeback to the ‘90s trend. The same child-like feel to the colorful beaded chokers is back.  

Pendants or charms around chokers are often hearts, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and flowers. Kids are particularly drawn to them. But these fit any age.


Now that you have chosen the necklace your kid can wear, you can go. Pick out their arm-candy jewelry.

1. Metal bracelets

The things you need to remember aboutmetal bracelets go the same way with necklaces. Make sure you take high precautions with the alloy content of metal jewelry for your kids. 

2. Bead bracelets

Pair your colorful necklace with a colorful bracelet! If you want it to be extra special, spend time with your kids and prepare your kits to DIY your matching beaded bracelets. A simple beaded bracelet pops color to a plain white dress.

3. Charm bracelets 

Famous brands like Pandora have launched their signature metal bracelet that you can continue to add charms. It is like creating a story into a piece of arm jewelry. Many brands have followed this trend and introduced their styles, giving us a variety of charms.


Get the little angels their ear jewelry too! Here are the options you can choose from;

1. Clip-on Earrings

There is a debate among parents about whether or not it is safe for a toddler to get an ear piercing or have them decide on their own when they grow up. Well, that would depend solely on you. 

However, if you choose the latter because you only need a few snaps here and there, then a clip-on would be the best option for them. They come as stud and dangling earrings already, so there is no limit to what you want to try without the piercing.

2. Stud Earrings

A pair of stud earrings are the perfect beginner type of earrings for kids. No matter how gorgeous long-length dangling earrings are, stud earrings should come first. Get them to get used to the feeling of having jewelry on their ears before you upgrade.

Birthstone crystals are the first earrings usually purchased by parents. Animal or character earrings and plain metal earrings come in second in popularity.

3. Dangling earrings 

Once their ears get used to the jewelry attached, you can switch to having a light dangle earring. 

We know it would look good on your daughter but make sure she is of appropriate age too. Even preschoolers could accidentally pull on them while they play. 10-12 years old would be the perfect age for longer-styled earrings. Chandeliers and dramatic dangles can wait until their teens or 20s moms. 


Put a ring on those chubby little fingers. It is best for ages four and up. We want to make sure that this doesn’t get lost or swallowed. 

1. Enamel rings

Enamel adds a pop of color to any metal jewelry without the kids risking losing a gemstone. It’s a good piece of jewelry if you want to have vivid colors as a highlight piece for your basic outfits. Also, kids can never say no to pops of color in jewelry. 

2. Chunky Rings

We've seen so much of this ring style when the pandemic broke out. It is good for bonding with kids and helps develop their creativity. With thispolymer clay ring, you can have kids create their designs. 

3. Birthstone rings

A stone for their birthdates is a favorite idea for a gift when looking for a piece of jewelry. The best part about them is that it would not be hard to choose the type of stone because they have a designated stone for their birthday. It looks pretty, and it saves you time!  

Well? Have you chosen the best jewelry to start your kid’s collection yet? Go, give our suggestions a try and find out about their style as you go.

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