June 28, 2019

King of Jewelry, Gucci Mane, just showed off his insane ice collection on GQs On the Rocks, where he's been famously cited by many past guests and hard-hitters in their own right, as "the one" to look to for the ice game. 

Gucci tells us that he’s been “iced out since he was a little boy." He started by showing us his “The Three Amigos” Tennis chains — in platinum, because, in his own words, "everything I do is platinum,” clocking in at an impressive 1.5 carat per diamond and valued at at least $250,000 each, "easy." Next, Gucci shows off his $80k ice-cream cone piece, a $500k pinky ring, and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Baguette watch worth over $1 million. Despite his willingness to share, Gucci refused to say the cost of his diamond studs, saying “I don’t want to tell people how dumb I just went.” Since he admits to splurging $1 million on a watch, one can only imagine how much he paid on those iced out earring studs.

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