June 10, 2019


Not many people can say they walk around flashing a quarter mil worth of jewelry on an every day basis... or ever. But for Smokepurpp, and his many VVS diamond fitted jewelry pieces, it's an every day normal in the life of the "Do Not Disturb" rapper.

On GQ’s latest segment of its popular Insane Jewelry Collection series, producer turned rapper, Smokepurpp, shows off his $275k collection of drip, including a “big a**” Cuban chain, alone boasting a $125k ticket. The “Do Not Disturb” rapper shares that he’s "lost" an equally expensive chain in his safe, because he forgot the code. Instead of trying to find the code, he used it as a great excuse to buy another. Better to save time than money, right? Speaking of more bling, Smoke loves the Cubans! He brings his personal jeweler of Aviane & Co to the set, dropping a cool $100k on... you guessed it, another Cuban link chain, with an iced-out Jesus head pendant. Are you feelin' the Jesus on ice?

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