August 24, 2022

Fashion-influencer and rapper, Gunna, gave GQ an exclusive look into his impressive jewelry collection for their YouTube series, On the Rocks.

Atlanta-native, Gunna's has risen to fame in the rap game, known for his ethos "the drip," titling his 2018 debut Album, Drip Season, followed by his sophomore Drip or Drown in 2019, and a steady-drip of high profile collabs and singles, such as Drip Harder. In similar "drip" fashion, he opens with an educational break-down of the word “drip," which he describes as "what you wear, how you wear your attire or something you do/how you do it, like you can “drip on the beat.” After the educational moment, Gunna went on to boast about his own jewelry drip, starting with his first chain, his namesake, that cost a chill quarter of a million dollars. 

The interview continued with another word breakdown but this time it was for the term “slime” which was used in his description of his custom made snake jewelry. Gunna flashed another custom made set of three stacked Cuban link bracelets, each having a word that spelled out “drip or drown”. 

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