August 24, 2022

Taurus Tremani Bartlett known professionally as Polo G is among the young pool of rappers that’s making a wave in the rap and hip-hop industry today. Charting multiple times on theUS Billboard 200 as well as theBillboard Hot 100 chart, Polo G’s name is slowly but surely going mainstream. However, his chart-topping albums and hit singles are not the only things that are currently gaining traction among fans, but also his insane jewelry collection. He has one of the most interesting sets of custom chains and pendants, and with his collections still growing, there’s no doubt that Polo G is a trendsetter in the making.

To get to know more of his hip-hop style and jewelry collection, let us take a look at his GQ On the Rocks episode, where he shares his most unique sets of jewelries, his favorite jewelers as well as the pieces that he wants to own in the future.

Custom Chains and Pendants

  1. The Goat chain. This custom chain is a tribute to his second studio album,The Goat (2020). The completely iced chain is an absolute stunner with its design of two heads of goat put in the necklace. The detachable pendant  is another goat head in yellow gold fully covered with small round cut diamonds. The chain is indeed eye-catching and Polo G believes that it is one of his hardest-made custom pieces.
  2. Capalot from Treasures. This next piece is from Treasures. Polo G shares that the pendant is one of his first items and he got it just right after signing a deal. TheCapalot pendant is a white gold custom piece and is also covered in round-cut diamonds. He purchased it at around $40,000.
  3. 1300 from Wafi. The third chain that Polo G shows is his $115,0001300 from Wafi. The 6-inch pendant is sitting on a 3D cube design with number 1300 outlined in two tones golds and diamonds.
  4. Record Label Pendant from Wafi. Another pendant from Wafi that Polo G shows off is his record label pendant. It is a rectangular pendant that depicts the logo of the NBA. The custom piece shows a performance picture of him in the center and is backdropped by a 2-tone diamond color. The half is in white gold, while the other half is in rose gold to realistically show the NBA logo. The pendant is outlined with baguette cut diamonds, and on the side, the name of his record label,Only Dreamers Achieve, is written.


    Watch Collection

    With his watch collection, Polo G shares that he doesn’t have a particular design that he goes after. He just likes to try getting different watch brands or anything that he currently doesn’t have.

    Finally, when asked about the future chain that he wants to get, Polo G says that he’d probably go for another record label chain as well asHall of Fame chain for his latest album.

    The whole interview shows Polo G as someone who likes to associate his jewelries with every achievement in his life. He just doesn’t get any jewelry for the sake of owning one, but he has deeper reasons behind. Watch the full video to get to know more of Polo G’s insane jewelry collection.

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