January 02, 2022

People want to rock out of their day with fancy jewelry that people notice. While all jewelry is meant to be worn and attract attention, there are some especially designed to fit specific needs. Who doesn’t want to look fresh every time? Some people want a dope collection of jewelry at their home. If you want to add a bling to your look, you should go for iced-out jewelry. Iced-out jewelry will elevate your style to the next level.

If you want to learn more about what iced-out jewelry is and how it would add to your look, let’s move ahead to discover why that diamond piece is worth every dime.


What Iced-Out Means?

By meaning, iced-out term is used for something that sparkle. In jewelry, it is used for something that is covered fully in diamonds. So, iced jewelry is any customized necklace, Cuban links chain, bracelet, pendant, or any other thing that is covered fully in a diamond. While wearing an iced-out jewelry, you will surely turn heads. Nothing catches attention more than the iced-out jewelry.

Typically, people wear iced-out jewelry to flex. It is some type of a statement implying that someone is both stylish and wealthy. It is kind of proving the statement that they have officially made it. More than the jewelry itself, iced-out things are used more as a statement.


Synonyms To Iced-Out

There are many different names of iced-out jewelries. People often use slangs to define this type of jewelry. Let us keep a note of all the relevant terms used when referring to jewelries.

  1. Bust Down

Bust down jewelry means any expensive jewelry that is covered by all diamonds. If someone is wearing something that is only covered with diamonds, they can refer to themselves as being a bust down.

  1. Diamond Encrusted

As the name speaks, this means that the jewelry is covered fully by diamonds.

  1. Icy

Saying that someone’s jewelry is icy means that they look cool, and the look is expensive. It does not necessarily mean diamonds, but the final meaning is almost the same.

  1. Chipped Up

Chipped up means that you have a piece of jewelry that is covered all in diamonds. Though some use this for diamonds, many others also use this for gold plated jewelry.


What Is Iced Out Chain?

Iced-out chains are hard chains for a neck that are fully covered with diamonds. These chains look good on everyone as they contrast with skin and mostly suit everyone with a cool set of clothes.


The main benefits of wearing a hip-hop chain are


  • The number of compliments you will receive will never end. You will turn every head.
  • The outfit you are wearing will be elevated automatically.
  • The jewelry will last forever as iced-out chains can never go out of style.


You must decide the look you are aiming for before getting an iced-out chain. Finalizing the look will help you with getting the finest design of the iced-out chain. The next step is finding something that fits your neck comfortably. It is best to measure your neck and get the right fit. 

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